From Bare To Glam, Makeup Transformation

Makeup Can Be A Real Face-Changer….Check Out The Jaw-dropping Makeover

July 30, 2015


At WDN, we are always on the look out for incredible photos. This new makeover is no exception. The following photos no doubt demonstrate the skill and talent of the makeup artist by Vikky Silver.

And, with the power of makeup, we can totally transform our faces to whatever “look” we are currently trying to achieve. Continue Reading…

Celebrity Gist

Soni and Betty Irabor Celebrate 33 Years Of Loving

July 30, 2015

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Genevieve magazine, Betty Irabor and her husband, Soni Irabor celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday, July 29th.

‘It’s my 33rd wedding anniversary today. God be praised. Gratitude mode,’ she shared on Twitter. Continue Reading…


Maje Ayida Reacts to Toke’s Silence on His Apology (Photos + Video)

July 30, 2015


Toke Makinwa has totally ignore her estranged husband Maje Ayida despite his social media apology to her after he impregnated his ex(girlfriend) Anita Solomon.

Anita Solomon delivered Maje Ayida’s son in the United Kingdom on Sunday July 19, 2015 and in the spirit of the safe delivery Maje decided to apologize on Wednesday July 22, 2015. Toke’s silence must have been heavily frustrating for Maje and few hours ago, Maje took to social media to share what seem like an indirect message to Toke. Continue Reading…


Your Ultimate Guide When Choosing Your Wedding Cake

July 30, 2015

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Your wedding cake is like the exclamation point on the reception and it should be a total reflection of your style and taste. Therefore, when choosing your perfect cake, consider your theme: colors, patterns, flowers, fabrics and textures. Try to be unique, as a bespoke design can be as individual as you. Using fresh flowers to match your bouquet are the perfect way to ‘top’ it off, but edible jewels or fresh fruits are also great alternatives to try.
We’ve got some things you could consider when choosing your wedding cake:

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Couples Forum

I NEED HELP‼‼‼ My Husband Is More Into Erotic Movies Than Me

July 30, 2015

Unhappy Couple On Bed

Please help me publish this because I need a serious advice.


I do not feel happy in my marriage anymore. I got married 6 years ago to the love of my life and bone of my bone. I was so happy with him at the initial stage of our marriage because he is all I ever wanted in a man, he gives me everything that I needed but all this happiness that I feel and enjoy was cut short when I caught him on different occasion watching pornography movies. Continue Reading…

Celebrity Gist

My wife she deserves an award – Ramsey Nouah

July 30, 2015


Ramsey Nouah greatly adores and admires Emilia, the mother of his three children. The movie star who featured in a recent Nollywood-Hollywood film, Tempting Fate, told ENCOMIUM Weekly, in this interview why his marriage cannot just crash.

Ramsey Nouah, 44, also shared his experience on the set of Tempting Fate, produced and directed by US-based film maker, Kevin Nkem Nwankwor (Kevstel Group Production). He rates the movie already showing at the cinemas high, saying it’s the way to go in Nollywood. Continue Reading…


Moving Words From A Father To His Son About Marriage

July 30, 2015


My son, if you keep spending on a woman and she never asked you if you’re saving or investing, and she keeps enjoying the attention, don’t marry her.

My son, a woman could be a good wife to you, some could be a good mother to your children but if you’ve found a woman like a mother to you, your children and your family, please don’t let her go. Continue Reading…


How to Beat Pre-Wedding Stress!

July 29, 2015



When you dream of your wedding day as a little girl you probably didn’t spare a thought as to how much you would actually spend , the wedding dress to wear, the wedding hall  for your wedding , how much guest you would receive from different part o f the world. Here are tips by which you can handle pre-wedding stress.

For Budget Blues

There are lots of insider tricks that will save a fortune when planning for a wedding such as booking your wedding venue on a Sunday or during the week when rates are much lower or opting for an independent caterer who can offer more flexibility. A budget can take a real pounding , you can splits your guests into groups of definite, if guest list battles are causing stress levels to rocket but if your heart is set on a big bash you better be prepared to save a lot.

Continue Reading…

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