Wedding Digest Naija : Real Wedding Temi & Kingsley

Real Wedding Temi & Kingsley

Temi says ‘Kingsley picked me up from the airport after a visit to Nigeria. When we walked into my apartment, there were signs all over the house wishing me a happy birthday, and that he loved me and missed me. In my head I’m thinking wow, this guy had too much time on his hands. As I opened the bedroom door, there were rose petals on the floor and a heart shape formed with rose petals on my bed. I’m thinking wow, this guy really was bored. I still had no idea what was happening. I then saw a jewelry armoire which I requested as a Christmas gift, so I was happy to see it. There was a jewelry box that looked like it had a necklace or bracelet, and there was a sign that said ‘open me’. I opened all the drawers on the jewelry box. I was very tired and nothing was making sense. I opened it and it said will you?? Temi. I lifted the paper and it was a ring!!! I kept saying will I what Kingsley, and then I started yelling out are you serious, then he went on his knees and ask me to marry him. I started crying. It was a moment I’d never forget as long as I live!

Kingsley is Temi’s perfect match, he cannot bear to see her unhappy she says, ‘he goes above and beyond to make me happy’. She would not trade it for the world.

WDN wishes Temi and Kinsley a lifetime of happiness and good health and we are happy to be a part of this joyous celebration of love.

Photography by Xprexxion

Event planning by Statuseque Events

Wedding theme by Simple Elegance

Traditional Make up/Dress by Juicy looks weddings (Folake Adeoye of Oyato)

Wedding colors Teal and Red with gold accents


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  1. the shop where she shopped for her wedding dress, she couldn’t get her size there? and her bridesmaid are they all pregnant?

  2. dress was custom made..I seemed to have been particularly bustier that day (you know how the ladies body changes fromt ime to time)!…and none of my bridesmaids were pregnant. If there are any other random comments or questions you’d like to ask…feel free…lol…especially since it seems that you came on this board to be a hater!

  3. The wedding dress is not decent at all. Am not sure she would like the wedding pictures when she sees them. It is so revealing. I don’t understand how her father deicided to walk her down the aisle in such a dress. I would prefer to contract a low key tailor to show me a skirt and blouse than wear this. Rubbish

  4. The engagement outfit was whao, but the wedding gown’s just too revealing. The sensitive part of the body that’s meant to be covered was exposed. I guess the wedding was not conducted in the church, else the priest should be questioned for allowing indecent wedding like this. Congratulations all the same, may God bless your home & make your marriage fruitful…

  5. Whoa! I love this wedding- d cake, colour combo, theme etc. The bride is also very beautiful. I love d style of d bride’s gown but 2b factual, it is quite revealing considering d fact dat its a wedding and not a fashion show. It shud b more decent since its “custom made”. U grew bustier…agreed! bt 4 d dress to b lik dis…….it means it was neva decent in d first place. (Not hating Temi, just commenting). Congrats. Wish u all d best.

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