Wedding Digest Naija: White Gold Engagement Rings

A reality to understand about white gold: this metal is not found white as it is. However, the color scheme white is a result of adding various other elements like silver, nickel and palladium to pure gold. In the 20s and 30 s the fad of whitish jewelry headed out to the globe and remained to present. Ever since many individuals favored to wear white gold jewelry as opposed to yellow ones. White involvement rings is a fashion in itself. Although it sets you back a lot compared to yellow ones individuals go for it. The higher cost originated from the info that products included in pure gold and especially platinum is extremely pricey. White gold is weighted in carats, the even more it weights the a lot more it sets you back. White gold engagement rings often are completed with rhodium to keep its brilliant white color for lengthy period of time. Various styles, styles and labels of white gold engagement rings are offered all over and you may quickly discover the one you have drawn in your thoughts. Pick in between different ring sittings with various stone kinds, forms, cuts and colors. See our collection, and whatever you like, keep pleased with your selection.

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  1. Ii luv WDN and iv always preferred white gold rings.mine is actually a 9carat white gold engagement ring.I saw all the metals added 2 pure gold to make it white.will the colour of the ring change over time?

  2. Hello WDN, pls u just scared me now with dis write up nd wud reli like u guyz to cllearify smtyn. I fancy me some white gold too, altho if am proposed to with yellow gold I wud def say yes! Bt ar u tryin to say white gold don’t last as long as yellow bcos of d mixtures? Ur a wedding pro so whts ur advice on dis.

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