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10 Tips to Slay at an Occasion

by Adedayo Oyegunle

In today’s post, we will be focusing more on ladies because we know that ladies are the most dominating guests at occasions such as weddings, birthdays and so on. Many ladies can’t stay a weekend without turning up at an Owanbe. Owanbe is just a Nigerian slang for parties generally. As we all are aware that Owanbes are like the in thing in Nigeria right now and for ladies, you can’t just go to our friend’s wedding and not turn heads….Impossible.



So here are tips to help you stun at the occasions

1. Heels: If you will be wearing native or English attire you will need to walk tall in that heels and walk to the event hall with confidence. Do not wear flat shoes or slippers although you might have one in your bag but appear at the occasion with the heels first.

2.  Means of Transportation to the venue: Most times the venue for the occasions are always far and you can’t take chances else you will be extremely late and you know you would be on high heels as well. So all you need to do is get a cab or probably  ask someone who has a car to please drop you off in case you don’t have one.



3. Gele(Head-gear) or Turbans: Back in those days it only our mothers that tie geles to parties but now everyone can. so to slay at that event ensure your gele or turban is in place. You might not have to always pay to get them tied, you can watch simple and easy techniques of how to tie gele online.

4. Makeup: Please and please do not go to that event without doing your makeup even if it’s just slight one. Some ladies get professionals to do their makeup but we aware that not everyone can afford that kind of luxury. Let’s just learn the basic makeup and colour coordination, the internet is our friend.


Yomisummer Hues

5. Over-dressing: You are not the bride, so don’t go to weddings to outshine the bride or even steal the show. Wearing a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding won’t be too good but looking good and decent is alright. Surf the net, check for style bloggers and you will most definitely see what you want or  you can tweak them to your taste.

6. Sunshades or Glasses: Get  a sunshade that fits your face shape, take it along with you and wear it when necessary. It adds a feel of sophistication to your dressing and should in case you might need to step out of the venue you can protect your eye from the sun.


Yomisummer Hues

7. Dance: Stand up and dance, don’t just sit in a place looking worried. Dance and have fun, do not forget it’s a party.

8. Participate: Sometimes the MC would make jokes or ask guests to participate at the party, stand up and do it well. For instance, you might be at a wedding and all the single ladies are called out to catch the bouquet, you know you are single so stand up and go for the bouquet. Let the bachelors find you interesting or most importantly realise you’re available.



9. Smile: Wear a smile as we all know that the best medicine for the heart is a smile and it’s the cheapest makeup you can wear. You might be stressed out but still try to smile, you are beautiful.



10. Learn simple table manners: It’s sad some ladies do not know how to eat in public or use cutlery appropriately. We are not asking you to put up an act, we just ask that you coordinate yourself. Watch the way you chew and drink.

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