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10 Tips To Reduce Stress And Avoid Family Conflicts This Christmas

by ayodeji

Christmas is a joyful and merry time but, what goes into making Christmas joyous and memorable can be quite stressful too.

There may be disagreements, fights, lot of chores, adjustments, conflicts that happen when a lot of people come together and one just cannot escape that!!! Thus, it is essential that family keeps its peace and also try to manage every stress of making the Christmas a memorable one.

  1. Discuss with the family: Make Christmas plans together with your family. Let them know what you plan for this year and also, take into considerations their suggestions and views. This will help them feel a part of the Christmas chores group. Otherwise, they might feel forced to do what you asked them to do. Children will take special interests if their ideas are considered and admired.
  2. Divide responsibilities: divide responsibilities within your family. Make your husband in charge of the decoration and shopping. Your son could be in charge of the indoor games that are to be played and cleaning chores. Your daughter can be in charge of decorating the Christmas tree and also assisting you in the cooking chores. This way, no one will interfere with the other and no one will be idle as well.
  3. Take time off: Keep time for yourself a day before Christmas to relax and get some rest. If you get tired before Christmas, there is very little chance that you might actually enjoy the Christmas day with puffy eyes and swollen feet.
  4. Do a physical activity: When you’re on a holiday spree and there are so many tasks at hand, there is no sign of exercise or any physical activity, because where is the time? Try doing some physical activity, as it will refresh your mind and boost your energy. Go for a walk, a run, meditate in the garden, hit the gym. All these activities will take care of your health mentally as well as physically.
  5. Don’t panic: If something does go wrong, don’t panic and create a scene. Don’t spoil everyone’s mood and spirit over small things which can be easily overlooked. Look over the materialistic things this Christmas and have fun with your entire family tree.
  6. Forgive and forget: Small things are often said and joked about when a whole family gets together. If you obsess on it and let it spoil your day, there is no end to it. Hence, ignore the small remarks that you might hear or some complaints that you might get and enjoy the bigger things this Christmas.
  7. Say “no” to things: It is important to say “no” to certain things. Like your children might force you to prepare an array of dishes this Christmas, which will tire you out. You have to be blunt and say no and make them choose a couple of dishes they would like.
  8. Don’t pick faults: Everyone might not really do things as per your expectations or likes, but picking faults and throwing tantrums will only make the situation worse. Tell them in a nice way about what you think could make it better and see the work get done quickly.
  9. Don’t plan and perspire: Don’t over-plan things, cause during holidays nothing really goes as per a fixed plan. While it is necessary to have some amount of planning at hand, don’t be adamant that everything goes as per your plan.
  10. Remember that you are family: Small disputes, stress, and conflicts are bound to happen when 15-20 people get together under a roof. Try to see past that, and push the recovery mode. Always remember that you are a family and it is a merry time, to be thankful for!

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