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12 Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon

by Antoinette Atolagbe

Congratulations! After months of planning for your wedding, you are finally with your soul mate. What better way to celebrate this new life than to have a fabulous Honeymoon. Preparing can be very tiring most especially if it’s a destination honeymoon. You are making sure you are slayinggggg but at the same time trying to be sure you aren’t forgetting anything.

Imagine forgetting that red lingerie you bought for your first night, I know right, I’ll cry too. The main goal is to have a stress free honeymoon. Here are 12 essential tips for planning for your honeymoon:

1. E-Travel: You have made so many decisions during the course of your wedding and now you have to decide on where both of you want to go. When picking destinations, its easy to choose where your wife or husband has always wanted to visit, love is about sacrificing, anyway there’s a possibility to get bored because there’s nothing fun for you to do…… well apart from your partner. It’s better to choose a place that has what you love and what your partner loves. That way you get to enjoy and at the same time, you can introduce your partner to something you love too. Make use of the internet, research well about where you both choose, learn about what is happening there and also book your flights early so you can choose days when prices are low, instead of settling.

2. Hotel: Avoid getting shut out in a booked-up city by reserving your room ahead of time. There is nothing fun or romantic about driving around, turned away from fully booked hotels. Apart from a good hotel, check for accessibility to fun places, transportation, parking, internet, airport shuttle, If you want a serene honeymoon, make sure the hotel isn’t hosting a conference or footballers during the world cup.

3. Offline: This is one of the most important  moments of your lives you would cherish, so leave computers and tablet in your hotels or lodge, to avoid distraction, you can still take your phone along, you know #Bae #Relationshipgoals #KingandQueen, I hear you, I hear you. Of course, you can take your phones along but you can put them on airplane mode and use hotel Wi-Fi when you are back in. You can also get a camera to take pictures of an Exotic monument and precious moments. Don’t forget chargers, batteries, and accessories.

4.Weather: There are many songs that say our love would weather the storm but No matter how blissful you might be feeling, it’s hard to enjoy yourself if the weather is bad., Research about the weather using climate websites. Travel during Shoulder Season—(When there aren’t a lot of tourists), You might save money, the pace would be more laid back, the locals are friendlier, you avoid meeting locked tourist destinations. You can delay your trip if you’re getting married during your dream destination’s offseason.

5.Delays: Be prepared for delays, it could be hours/days of flight delays or other delays, keep the fun going by packing your favorite snacks, books, puzzles, magazines, music players, and games.

6. Ready for you: Reduce the chance of future issues by carrying all essential travel documents like itineraries, visas, tickets, confirmations, important contact info, and copies of your passport and if possible scan copies to your email, so in case they get lost or destroyed, you can still access them.

7. Boxed up: There are few tips for packing when traveling, roll your clothes tightly, then pack them snugly on top of each other. Stuff your socks inside of your shoes to save space, it will help your shoes retain their shape. Pack smaller items like underwear, bathing suits, and toiletries in clear plastic bags to save space and they will be easier to find.

8. Rings on a leash: I understand you don’t want to take off your rings or plan to, but the thing is there are some activities where you’ll need to take them off or risk loosing if you don’t take them of, so just take something to store them in, eg the box they came .

9. United we stand: Try dividing both of your belongings between two suitcases. This way, if a bag gets lost, you’ll still have some essential, well, unless both bags get lost or you can bring a large carry-on bag of your own essentials and then share one large bag for your remaining belongings.

10. Role play?, well not really: It may not be the most romantic thing to think about, but neither is getting sick on your honeymoon with nothing to help you feel better. Take some Pain relievers, cold remedies, allergy medication, nausea relief, anti-diarrhea drugs, hand sanitizer, tissues, and insect repellent, they will get you through most disasters. Always make sure to get any necessary shots in advance of traveling.

11. Reserve: Make a reservation for entertainment, dinners and any other reservations you can make early. To avoid long queues and save money from online booking discounts

12: Honey Money: Budget is very important, make plans, calculate what you’ll spend on and also miscellaneous and stick to this budget. It is a great tip. Honeymoons can be so beautiful and fun, you won’t realize you are gradually spending money you didn’t plan to.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. I wish you an amazing honeymoon.


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