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Makeup Colours That Suits Your Skintone

by Toyosi Aromire


When it comes to makeup, give yourself  the ultimate makeover when it comes to your eye makeup, lipstick and blusher shades of choice. Whether you have pale skin, olive skin, medium deep or dark skin, we have all bases covered thanks to these pro makeup ideas for enhancing and complementing your particular colouring.


Colours for light skin tones


I adore using metallic shades of bronze and gold on olive skins, which beautifully complement  skin tones.


Naturally olive skin tones can cheat their way to all round look  and create a brighter, more radiant appearance. To do this, apply a radiant-finish liquid foundation all over the face and neck to help your complexion look fresh and alive. Pop cream bronzer onto cheekbones, the bridge of nose, eyelids and along the hairline to create a sun-kissed finish. Contrast that by applying a delicate pale shimmer onto your eyelids, highest part of the cheekbones, down the length of the nose and inner eye corner. Only apply a setting, matte powder along the jawline, forehead and on your nose if you are prone to shine.

As a general rule,slightly dark skins look best with pink as it adds a freshness to the complexion that can often look a little sallow. Darker skins can use most pink, peach or bronze tones. Fluid or crème blush textures create an expensive look.


Team the above with one of my latest nude lip colours, which are perfect for olive skintones. Looking to make a statement. It makes for a more adventurous and fun alternative to a red lipstick.

Top makeup tips and tricks: Choosing colours to complement a skin tone is not the only consideration. Someone with olive skin may be blonde, brunette or even black-haired. They may also have blue or green or brown eyes. So, try makingup and photograph youselves. If you like what you see then job done. Sometimes it’s fun to tear up the rule book and makeup really allows women to do that!


Colours for medium deep skin tones


Think about choosing colours as if you are painting on a white canvas. If you use pale colours they’ll show up more however, if you have dark skin, you have to use colours that are full of pigment and that have an abundance of colour in them.On skin, they keep their true colour. Others that are cheaper or have a higher percentage of talc can end up looking grey.

My rule of thumb is to keep colours warm and avoid icy cold-toned finishes such as pastels and soft white shimmery colours like lilacs and pale greens which can look almost powdery and ashen on the skin. Go for rich colours. The more money you spend on products, the more colour payoff you’ll get on them. Those with dark skin are very fortunate as they can use a huge amount on the colour spectrum. Provided the colours aren’t cold-toned or have white shimmery finishes, you can choose any colour you like.


Deep plums, burgundies, fuchsia pinks or primary colours like red all work really well. Otherwise, you end up not getting a strong enough colour payoff – just a wash of colour, but it depends on the look you want.

Anything with gold in the base will suit a mid-tone skin colour such as something with coral or coffee tones – as long as there’s warmth in it, it’ll be complementary and not jarring against the skin. The whole trend in makeup at the moment is makeup that fits and connects well with the complexion – it enhances and doesn’t look like an extra layer.


Use nude colours  – ones that are more the colour of liquid chocolate.  You could put those types of colours on the centre of the lip.


Colours for dark skin tones


When it comes to eyeshadows, nothing beats dark rich tones whether they’re blues, greens or purples. They can’t be wishy-washy pastels or chalky colours. Anything with a bit of intensity will look great. A girl’s best friends would be a black mascara or a black pencil to anchor the eyes with – anything soft and strong with intensity. As long as you pick one that has richness and great intensity, that will be great. Dark skins can carry off blues and greens


Dark skin tones need a blusher that has enough richness and intensity. This is where reds or fuchsias come in – ones that would make anyone else look like an alcoholic will look amazing on these ladies.


goes for more neutral shades and dark colours that verge on black or burgundies.

A nude lip: Wears lots of nude colours which have a tiny bit of a browny base so they’re not ashy and they have a little bit of a pearl in them too. I would recommend going for bronzes or something golden and warm as opposed to chalky. You can create your own neutral by mixing a lip pencil and lip balm together.

Pout prep: Rich tones such as maroons, burgundies and vibrant colours also work well. What will let you down though is scuzzy lips, so condition them well.

I hope you find this useful. Please do let me know if you have a different opinions about the make up colours. xoxo

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