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15 Tricks to Take Your Mind Away From Hunger

by Toyosi Aromire

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There are time you just find yourself hungry and you tend to just eat anything you find and this can lead to excessive weight gain. So to kep your hunger in check, follow these rules.

  1. Eat Breakfast: Don’t skip breakfast! Give your metabolism a kick start and be sure to eat a protein packed breakfast.
  2. Drink Water: Drink a glass of water before each meal and a total of 8 glasses a day
  3. Have a Nap: After a short sleep you will wake up energized and with less stomach acid, therefore should not feel hungry.
  4. Avoid Food: Not talking, thinking or smelling food will help your not too feel hungry.
  5. Graze: Eating small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism high because there is always food in your stomach. Eat 6 small meals rather than three bigger ones.
  6. Eat Slowly: Eating slowly will help you feeling full on time.
  7. Take Healthy Snacks: Fresh raw vegetables are ideal – carrots, celery, cucumber and radish are ideal.
  8. Eat More Fibre: Fibrous foods take longer to chew, fill your stomach quickly and offer longer lasting satisfaction than other foods. They also keep you regular which aids digestion.
  9. Eat More Egg: Eggs are a brilliant low-fat, high protein food or snack that will stave off hunger
  10. Work Out: Engaging yourself in some kind of exercise will help remove your mind away from hunger
  11. Drink Apple Cidar Vinegar: This has been a dietary aid for a long time now. Drink two teaspoons of ACV before each meal or if you don’t like the taste add it to the glass of water you’re going to drink
  12. Avoid Salt and Sugar: Salt causes dehydration and thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. Especially avoid salty snacks like peanuts and popcorn. Also your body burns sugar more quickly than other nutrients. Be care to also avoid low fat snacks that are high in sugar and contain hidden/added sugar.
  13. Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is just empty calories and it can give you the munchies. It also relaxes your inhibitions and dulls the senses. Don’t let it test your willpower against hunger.
  14. Tighten Your Abs: This will compress your stomach and you’ll be concentrating on keeping your muscles tight rather than hunger pangs. And it will help you get a tight tummy area so it’s win-win.
  15. Keep Yourself Busy: Don’t let boredom and inactivity allow you to think about food and make yourself feel hungry. Idle hands and all that – food is the devil


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