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7 Tips for Mothers Who Want To Be Stylish

by Toyosi Aromire


Mothers usually have hectic schedules and deciding what to wear within a short  time can be challenging. As your body changes, it can be hard to find something that fits right and looks great. The following are some useful tips that will help you get the right clothes for your needs.


• Motherhood results in various physical changes as your body transitions and it becomes harder to shop for clothes. The good news is that dressing well does not have to be a daunting task. Enjoy the changes that your body is undergoing and find outfits to accommodate each stage of this special moment in your life.

• Avoid wearing clothes that are too big even though they may feel comfortable. Clothes that do not fit probably will make you look and feel worse. If you have bulges and bumps that you want to hide, find garments that will drape elegantly for a flattering silhouette.

• Dresses, blouses,  and tunics that feature design elements such as gathers are ideal because they fit well without being too clingy. Combine comfortable, slim fitting pants with a flowing top. This will effectively create a lean and taller frame.


One of the most important aspects of fashion dressing for mothers is accessories. Your accessories are important additions that will complete your look. Essential accessories include statement pieces such as elaborate long necklaces that make the neck look longer.

Brighten the appearance of your face with bright dangling earrings. A collection of long and brightly colored scarves is a good way to add color and style to your outfit. View wholesale designer clothing here.


Mothers require comfortable undergarments that are flattering and form a good base for their clothing. Smooth out your bulges and achieve the illusion of a slimmer body with shapewear. Shapewear is a form of undergarments that are specially designed to compress and even out the body. Choose undergarments that make you look shapelier without restricting movement or causing discomfort


Some of your maternity clothing may still be wearable after you have your baby. Empire waists and flowing dresses can look good as long as they fit well. Avoid wearing items such as maternity pants or dresses that will make you look like you are expecting again. You can donate the maternity clothes that you no longer need and focus on buying other clothes that fit.


If you lose some weight and your favorite clothes need to be adjusted, you can hire the services of a tailor who can alter the fit. Tailors can make a variety of adjustments to make sure that your clothes fit you well. A good fit improves how your clothes look on you.


When you make the decision to invest in new items, they should always be flattering. Find timeless pieces that go well with your body type and style. Clothing such as trendy cardigans, jeans, skirts and dresses suit virtually everyone.


Look effortlessly stylish in heels that you are comfortable with for a touch of extra height and glamour. Avoid bulky fabrics that will make you look bigger. A well organized closet will make it easier for you to find something flattering and trendy to wear each day.

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