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How To Look Your Best Everyday

by Toyosi Aromire


Do you guys look at a magazine or a person at school or at work and wonder why there always looking good when you look like a straight up mess well here are some helpful tips on how to look your best all the time.

1) keep clean
Stay smelling beautiful this is one of the most important things the way you smell makes people want to be around you and you wouldn’t fell uncomfortable you don’t have to do your hair every day depending on what type of hair you have but keep your body smelling good all the time.

2) Don’t stress
This is a problem all girls have at some point but try to avoid it as much as possible because it affects the way you look by making you look grumpy and tired who thinks that’s attractive ??

3) Be ready all the time
Pick your outfits for the next day so you have time to fix your makeup being ready isn’t wrong.

4) be confident
Before walking out the door make sure your comfortable don’t wear something your not comfortable with to impress someone make sure your always feeling good and be yourself because in the end you are you and there’s only one you so make the best of it

Source: Allwomenstalk

Photo Credit: Toke Makinwa

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