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5 Ways to Feel Comfortable With Your Body

by Toyosi Aromire


Most times in life we feel like we wanted to correct something in our body. Maybe you feel like you have a big stomach or your backside should have been bigger or something like that. No matter what you have to feel comfortable with your body because this goes a long way in giving you confidence.1. LOVE YOUR BODY

Before you can be fully comfortable with your body, you have to first learn how to love your body. I’m not saying this is easy, and it can definitely be harder for some than others, but learning to love your body and everything you have naturally will allow you to feel happier (generally speaking) and let you truly own what you have.  Give yourself time to feel good in your own skin. Many people have had self-esteem issues in the past so it may take longer to achieve, but it can most certainly be done over time and with plenty of self-love. No one on this planet has exactly the same body as you, you’re completely unique and original, so what’s not to love?


Curves are amazing!

If we all had the same straight up and down figure, we would look very much like each other. Everyone has a slightly different body shape and more or less curves than the next person, but the fact that we have a different amount of curviness (and in different places, too) is what separates us and make our bodies unique. We shouldn’t be ashamed to have a curvy body, they are a part of us and we should accept it just as we accept any other part we were naturally born with, such as waist, legs and arms.  Therefore, there’s no reason why curviness should be thought of any less than these. They all make up our body at the end of the day, after all.


Learn to step on the scales every now and again without thinking obsessively about the number staring back at you. Even if you don’t feel comfortable with your body just yet, you still shouldn’t ignore the scales in your bathroom or throw it dirty looks every so often. The reason for this is because it’s an accurate indication of our overall health that we are able to see at a single glance.  If we didn’t have scales or any way or finding out our weight, it would be harder to find out about our overall health and naturally we wouldn’t be nearly as informed. If we didn’t have this information right at our disposal, we might gradually forget about the importance because we didn’t have that reminder available to us. Having a good relationship with your scale means using them every now and again to check your weight and health, but do it in a healthy way which doesn’t mean obsessing about the numbers afterwards.


Another way to feel comfortable with your body is to simply use it in a way that makes you feel…well…comfortable. This could be anything such as running, yoga, pilates, aerobics, weight lifting, walking and even gymnastics. It includes any sport and so many hobbies that make us feel good and happy. For example, if you’re particularly fond of netball, whenever you play you are using your body in a positive way which allows you to feel comfortable while doing so. Think about all our bodies can do for us, what it can allow us to achieve and then consider what you can do to fully utilise that privilege. The next time you do that particular hobby or sport, remind yourself of how lucky you are to have the ability to do it without problems or complications. A healthy and active body is a beautiful thing.


We can be a perfectionist about many things in life but unfortunately your body is not one of them. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ body, despite what the media and other things may tell you or try to get you to think, it’s nothing but an illusion that should really be shattered. Being a perfectionist is about eliminating flaws until you see the image of perfection staring back at you, but this is our bodies we are talking about, and realistically speaking we are all born with flaws. The next part is up to you: you can either choose to keep fighting an unwinnable battle which will ultimately leave you feeling exhausted and unsatisfied…or you can accept your flaws for what they are and choose to focus on your body’s strengths instead of weaknesses. Choose to focus on what your body can do rather than what it cannot.

source: Allwomenstalk


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