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How To Get Rid Of Yellow Nail Stains

by Toyosi Aromire


can-whiten-fingernails_ca9a60f69a4293edI love my nails especially when i fix them. They look super extra pretty but sometimes i loose interest in fixing and that is because of  the yellow stain you get and this made me research on how to get rid of them ‘cos they tend to become permanent if not careful. Also these tips are  helpful if you want your nails brighter. I hope you find them useful


With the acetic acid and malic acid presence, apple cider vinegar could help decrease nails’ discoloration. Also, it has antifungal properties which are helpful in treating any type of nail infection that leads to discoloration.

You could mix ½ cup of lukewarm water with apple cider vinegar. You then soak the stained nails in the solution for 20 minutes. After that, pat dry the nails thoroughly using a soft towel. It is recommended to repeat this thrice per day for about 1 month to get rid of the infection and decrease discoloration.

In addition to removing stains on your nails, you could also use this remedy to strengthen and boost nail growth.


Featuring with a natural bleaching agent, lemon could effectively clean off the yellow stains from your nails. Moreover, the juice of lemon could also works as an astringent.

You can fill one bowl halfway with the fresh lemon juice. Then, soak the affected nails in that solution for about 15 minutes. After that, use a toothbrush to scrub the yellow discoloration gently off the nails. Eventually, you rinse your hands off with tepid water before applying the moisturizing lotion to offer moisture. Apply this method 2 times per day till you get good results.

As an alternative, you could make use of the lemon essential oil. Then, you pour a small amount of lemon essential oil into a shallow bowl before soaking the stained fingertips into it for a few minutes. After that, scrub the nails using a toothbrush for about 1-2 minutes. Do this twice per day for several weeks to brighten your nails.


Also containing high content of vitamin C, the orange peel could be a great choice for your solution of removing stains on nails.

All what you need to do is to rub your nails with the fresh orange peels 2-3 times per day. After doing so for several weeks, you can see great results.

Or, you could simply add 2 tbsp of the dried orange peel powder to a small amount of plain water to create a thick paste. After that, you apply the paste over your infected nails for 10 minutes or so. Finally, you rinse your nails off with tepid water. Do this remedy 2 times per day for 1-2 weeks.


Tooth paste which helps make the teeth whitener could be used to relieve the yellow stains from the human nails, among many natural tips on how to get rid of yellow nails. With mild stains, you could use the toothpaste which includes any whitening ingredient containing hydrogen peroxide.

Simply apply the small coat of the whitening toothpaste over your fingernails. Wait for 10 minutes. Make use of a nail brush to scrub the nails gently. Wash the toothpaste off using cotton balls which is soaked in the tepid water. You had better repeat this routine 2-3 times a week for about 1 month.


When it comes to natural ways on how to get rid of yellow nails fast, baking soda is a great solution. The exfoliating and bleaching properties of baking soda could help eliminate stains from your nails.

You could mix 2 and ½ tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide in one small bowl. Then, use a cotton swab to apply this mixture over your stained nails. Wait for 4 minutes before rinsing it off with tepid water. You had better repeat this routine every 6-8 weeks.

Alternatively, you mix 1 tbsp of baking soda with 1 tsp of lemon juice and ½ tsp of love oil to create a thick paste. After that, rub that mixture over your nails using the soft toothbrush. Wait for 5 minutes before rinsing it off with the warm water. Do this routine every two weeks.


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