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Love by Pnina Tornai 2017 Bridal Collection Speaks Romance, Love, and Glamour

by WDN

Pnina Tornai is back with her newest bridal collection – Love by Pnina Tornai!

Pnina Tornai is the leading international luxury bridal and eveningwear designer. In this collection, Pnina Tornai features her signature design with sparkling details on each piece. Her originality and creativity see the return of sophistication to bridal. There’s lace, bead, sultry silk, tulle and all the lush aesthetics. According to the brand – The Love Collection was born out of Pnina Tornai’s desire to allow all brides, regardless of their wedding budget, to have the opportunity to wear their very own Pnina Tornai dress down the aisle.

Embrace your inner bridal goddess and in this luxurious feminine bridal gowns designed by Pnina Tornai.

The Love by Pnina Tornai Collection Video below will give you an insight into the lush bridal world!


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14481 backJPG

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14422 backJPG

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14421 backJPG

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14420 backJPG

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14419 backJPG

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14418 backJPG

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14417 backJPG

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