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2020 Bridal Styles: Contemporary Bridal Chic And Wedding Guest Slay

by Beatrice Inim

Brides are steady pushing the envelope when it comes to their style and their Big-Day Fashion slay game. Bridal stylists are also on this bandwagon, creating unorthodox pieces for the Modern Day Bride, and giving them the statement looks they absolute deserve for their wedding day. One of such fashion Stylists is the Ophelia Crossland Brand.

Ophelia Crossland is known for her intricate and extremely out of the box bridal pieces, and what is even more interesting about this is, Ophelia crossland specializes in making pieces for wedding guests as well.

Dresses designed and created at Ophelia crossland stand out uniquely among others, usually have that pop of statement that is easily noticeable, and infuses a lot of fabric accessories/ appliques, crystals, etc to make the dresses extra phenomenal.

Ophelia Crossland is one go-to- Bridal Fashion brand every Bride to be would certainly want a piece of.

Here is introducing , a 2020 Ophelia crossland collection called Un Acte D’amour meaning an act of love.

A woman’s love is a pearl of great value, the man she offers it to is honored among his kinsmen.
An act of love is an Ophelia Crossland Bridal Collection which celebrates the journey to becoming the lady of his heart and home. “A thing of Lightness is a joy forever”

From our Classic Ophelia Crossland Bridal Collection, we present to you our Seamless blend of sophisticated Fabrics, bold appliqués used in the construction of these elegant Gowns for our Brides.
These Voluminous Gowns are made in Perfect shades of colors to suit all Brides for their special occasions

See Photos of A variety of dresses from the Ophelia Crossland ‘Act of Love’ Collection below:


Gowns @ophelia_crossland
Make-up @alexiglam
Hair and Styling @redgingerforhair
Accessories and Veil @velmasaccessories
Set-up and Decor @eventsbyflorets @spacebyflorets
Photography @gilbertasante
Kente @sarahsfabric
Lace @sarahsfabric
Videography @angeloprempeh
Models @margaret_dery @anthoinettekems

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