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Brides-to-be get in here..Would you buy or rent your wedding dress??

by Beatrice Inim

Wedding days are usually known as ‘ The Big Day’, and the term ‘big’ connotes something of an extravagant nature. Therefore, every bride-to-be pays so much attention to planning the wedding; the food and drinks, the venue, entertainers at the wedding, gifts for guests, and so many other nitty-gritty, but especially, her ‘Dress‘. The bride’s dress has to be magnificent, even if when it is made in the simplest form.  But seeing that the dress would only be worn on a single day, in the bride’s entire life, the question “Should the bride buy, or rent her dress”, then arises.

With this question, there are two things involved. Firstly, if the bride purchases her dress, it automatically becomes hers to keep, which means that after the wedding, it remains in her closet for as long as she would like for it to be in there.

Secondly, the bride could reach out to an outlet that rents ‘Big Day’ dresses to brides, and expects for the dresses to be returned right after the wedding, give or take, about a few days after the wedding, pending on when the bride is available to return the dress. In this instance, it is easier for the bride to get rid of the dress, and not have it occupy too much space in her closet,  not to mention, the fact that it costs less to rent  a wedding dress, than to actually purchase one, without knowing what next to do with it, after the wedding.

The first scenario, on the other hand, is a pretty dicey, and stressful one to deal with, as the bride then begins to look for where, and whom to give out, or resell her dress to, just to declutter her closet, and for the main reason that she would not be needing to use, or wear the dress anymore (Unless of course, she plans for her marriage to end, and to get married several other times, wearing the same dress. lol). That, however, is extremely unlikely. Let’s say the bride eventually gets a buyer for her dress, best believe the cost price will no longer be a match to the selling, as well as the asking price. The bride will then have to settle for way lower than half of the price she got the dress for, slightly lower than half the price, or exactly half the price. In any case, the bride may never be able to sell her dress for a substantial amount. Again, brides may sell their wedding dresses to ‘Wedding dresses rental’ companies. Nonetheless, there is a brighter side to this case. The bride could pass down her wedding dress to her daughter, then her granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and the chain continues. In fact, that may even be a particular reason a bride buys her own wedding dress in the first place; just so she could keep it in the family.

At the end of it all, whether the bride buys her dress or rents it, what is important to note, is that she got the dress of her choice, and was elated on her big day, about everything else, including her dress.

Now to the question “Would you buy or rent your wedding dress?”

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