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3 Secret Ways to Decipher He is Not That into YOU (Anymore)

by Beatrice Inim

When ‘boy’ meets girl, decides he wants to be with her, and eventually, make her his, the chase is usually very fun, adventurous, and filled with so much determination. Now, fast forward to weeks, let’s say quite a few months after the chase when ‘girl’ finally becomes his. Everything dies down. It almost feels like a minute silence is being observed, only this is longer. Quite Cliche, but deeply true.

Makes one wonder if ‘the chase’ was meant to only occur in the beginning phase of the relationship, if it is not to occur at all, or if it is to indeed, continue, way after ‘girl’ has been won.

It is a lot of things, including the saying that “Variety is the spice of life”. In your quest to get that conviction as to if your partner is still into you or not, the slowly, or rapidly dwindling chase,  sure is a major one to look out for. He is not that into you if as a lady, he does not chase after you anymore. If a man can go out of his way to buy you gifts, send you flowers, say nice things to you, take you on trips, on a whim, show kindness, give those tiny little gestures that actually speak a lot, and just generally be the absolute sweetest, when he is trying to get you to be his girl, then such a man should also be able to follow through, with all those gestures, when you do become his girl. How about he continues to treat the lady like a Queen, for the reason that he BELIEVES she is one, and not because he feels that is the way he can go about winning her heart.

Another thing to closely observe is communication. Communication is always always key in any relationship at all- be it a sibling-sibling relationship, sibling-parents relationship, friend-friend relationship, or even the most cordial, or platonic relationship of all time. Talking to one another usually keeps the mind fond of, and in tune with one another. As boyfriend and girlfriend, if there is no communication, I’m afraid, but quite inevitably, such a relationship may collapse. Consequently, if your partner does not call you anymore, no texts,  no visits, nothing of the sort, then it just may be time to realize they are just not that into you anymore. It really is as precise, and simple as that. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Yes! But not the kind of absence that was consciously created. If you run through his or her mind, every second of the day, they would look for a moment to put word through to you. No one is ever too busy. How about pee breaks? How about lunch time. How about before you lay down to sleep, after a long day? Somewhere in between the entire 24 hours we have been blessed with in a day, there is usually that spare time, no matter how little, to reach out to loved ones.

Lastly, it would also clearly mean that your partner is not that into you anymore when they begin to abuse you. Now, this kind of abuse could be physical, mental, verbal, emotional, and even financial, sometimes. When your partner basically takes you for granted and disregards your interests, or feelings, then they obviously do not care so much, or care at all, about you anymore. I want to believe respect is deeper than love. One has to first respect someone before they can love them, and love them in totality, and all kindness. A partner that does not respect you would not speak to you nicely, would not handle issues in a calm manner, or without exchanging words, or getting physical. When that happens, it is a sign he is just not that into you anymore. Look out for those forms of abuse. If that is being meted to you in your relationship, then it is probably time to time to take a hike.

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