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3 Straight-To-The Point Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

by Beatrice Inim

Weddings are usually so beautiful and emotional. The highlight of most weddings is usually the time for Vows exchange. It becomes even more emotional,  when it is personally curated vows that are being said.

Vows are such a beautiful thing to watch and listen to. But in the beauty of it all,  there are some things that should be considered. One of those things is gratitude.

Now,  with gratitude you want to thank God for orchestrating you and your partner’s meeting and relationship. You also want to  then thank your partner for choosing you,  and being an amazing individual throughout the time you both courted.  You can also thank them for the little things like “Thank you for always putting the toilet seat down. ? or “Thank you for always bringing me breakfast in bed”. Just get creative with anything you are genuinely thankful for, when it comes to having your partner in your life.

Secondly,  you want to keep things short.  Give very minimal or no details at all,  of how you met and all the date nights you had and what you both said to each other at different times: ‘he said’ ‘she said’ should be toned down a notch or completely void in the vows. Short but touching and deep is usually the way to go.

However,  do not forget to be extremely personal,    in the bid to keep it short. Which brings me to the third element.  Your vows should be personalised.  Pronouns such as ‘I’,  ‘We’, and ‘Us’should be used.

“I vow to uphold our union with commitment and unconditional love”

“I promise we would grow old and grey as best friends forever”

Again,  get creative with it,  Honey!

And there you have it. Three simple ways to go about writing your personalised vows! ?

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