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49 Year Old Stylish Michelle Obama On The Cover Page Of Ladies’ Home Journal Magazine

by Mo Aremu


Christmas holiday is just around the corner! The 49 year old First Lady is on the cover page of Ladies’ Home Journal Christmas issue. The stylish First Lady look radiant in her short length wavy hair and a Lela Rose gold dress

Michelle Obama shared her family’s favorite holiday traditions with Ladies’ Home Journal for the magazine’s December/January issue.The First Lady reveals what festive songs and cooking activities she enjoys the most with her family for the cover feature, titled Christmas at the White House.


The family’s holiday tunes usually play as President Obama and the family decorate their tree, with the smell of eggnog and cookies wafting throughout the rooms.
‘Christmas has always been a special time in my household,’ she said. ‘Growing up, we lived in a little-bitty apartment, but my mom put her heart and soul into decorating that house.’

Hot chocolate and a fire in the Yellow Oval room are also savored traditions. And Sasha appears to be the resident family baker.

‘Sasha is our big cookie maker,’ Mrs Obama said. ‘It’s one of the major activities the girls do when they have friends over.’
Another special tradition from the First Lady’s childhood is collecting small presents upon the completion of a festive performance.

As for what’s on Malia and Sasha’s Christmas wish lists, Mrs Obama said ‘they usually don’t have much on their lists, because they understand that anything they need they already have.
‘The kids are not in the habit of viewing Christmas as a time for getting gifts. It’s about spending time with family and gathering with friends’.

Culled from Dailymail

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