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5 Colour Templates For Your Winter Wedding Invitations

by WDN

Loved up couples planning to get married in November, December or January have an opportunity to transform their big day into a magical winter wonderland experience. Although the chosen wedding theme will help to set the scene of the occasion, it’s the color template of your wedding invitations that give guests a taster of what they can expect when they join you and your beloved at your nuptials.  

When deciding on a palette of colours for your winter wedding invitation template and theme, it’s important to think about your wedding style, personality and also colours that flatter you. Once you have your neutral base colour sorted, pick out gorgeous accent shades that are inspired by the season of your wedding. You can play up your palette choices by adding colour gradients that complement and contrast.

To help you choose the perfect colour combo for your beautiful and elegant personalised wedding invitations and wedding stationery, here are 5 inspired template ideas to tempt you…

Classic Wintery Whites

When most people think about a winter wedding the image that is frequently conjured up in the imagination is a wonderland scene, covered in a blanket of crisp virgin snow. A cascade of shimmering snowflakes adds a touch of romance, magic and sparkle.

For winter wedding invitations to look perfectly formal, lavish and luxurious, less is usually more. A wedding invite that showcases a simplistic and minimalistic colour template of wintery whites is subtle, classy and ever-so chic. To elevate a plain and neutral white, ivory, cream or champagne template background, you only need to add gorgeous gold or silver embossing and foil detail embellishment that is exquisitely tasteful.

If you love the idea of a wintery white colour template but want to add a subtle touch of colour to freshen up your wedding invitations, team whites with soft marigold, grey or lilac.

Festive With A Twist

If your winter wedding is a casual affair you may be dreaming of theming it with a palette of colours that is flamboyantly festive, but with a modern twist. A rustic style wedding in the winter deserves to be announced with stylish wedding invitations that are personalised with seasonal colours and natural decorative elements.

For your wedding invitation colour template to be suitably festive, pair radiant red with glittering gold, earthy sage with peachy blush, or rich burgundy and berry tones with soft, romantic pink. Deeper shades like aubergine, marsala and forest green also work well together in a festive colour combo for your winter wedding.

Use a profusion of beautiful borders, garlands, wreaths, swags and springs of timeless wintery evergreens to add decoration to your wedding invitation template. These simple but highly effective natural botanical embellishments can also be incorporated into the décor of your winter wedding venue.

If seasonal bling is more your thing you can go for gold by mixing the ever-popular festive metallic shade with traditional red and green accents. Decorate the border of your wedding invitation template with motifs that stylishly reflect the winter season. Bells, baubles, poinsettias and snowflakes can be incorporated into your design to create a unique invite to the wedding of the season.

Classy Blue & Silver

Cool icy shades of blue and silver are a popular colour combination for a winter wedding that has the wow factor. There is a profusion of shades of beautiful blue to choose from, including navy, cobalt, cornflower, sky, sapphire and electric. Deep midnight blue hues like Prussian blue, indigo and blue violet add drama and refinement to a classy blue and silver wedding invitation colour template. Alternatively mix up lighter shades of aqua, pale turquoise and sky blue with ocean, royal and celestial blues and finish with stunning shimmering silver.

Trendy teal is a great alternative winter jewel tone to pick for your seasonal colour template, if you want your winter wedding invitation to stand out on the mantelpiece. This striking blue-green shade adds a vibrant pop of colour to wedding invites that feature elegant metallic silver calligraphy and sparkly frosted glitter.

Black & Gold

If you’re planning to tie the knot on New Year’s Eve, set the perfect party scene with a wedding invitation template in dramatic black and gold. This combo is bold, sophisticated and luxurious, and perfect for a themed winter wedding. If you find black to be a little too overpowering or harsh, you can easily swap it for classic navy blue or charcoal grey.

Use fancy and decadent gold as the focal point on your personalised winter wedding invitations. The rich, opulent shade works equally well as a background or accent colour. Enhance your seasonal wedding colour template with decorative black detail, like elegant swirly calligraphy.

If black and gold is not your favourite luxe colour combo, you can always pair the noir shade with regal burgundy, to create a similar striking visual impact.

Cool Contemporary Tones

Soft, natural earth tones like mint, sage, olive and forest greens are ideal for pairing with cool contemporary shades and tones that are vibrant and uplifting. Mulberry purple blends violet and pink to create a glamorous and romantic colour for winter wedding templates that are relaxed and informal.

Slate blue, grey, and lavender are pretty pastel alternatives that are great for winter wedding color templates. These versatile neutral shades are easy to mix with sophisticated ivory and cream, and gold and silver.

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