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5 Communication Tips For Shooting Your Shot In 2019

by Beatrice Inim

So..This is 2019, and in recent years before now, there has been one thing that has been the order of the day in the social media, and internet space.
This thing I speak of is.. Drum rolls please…
Lol… It is none other than Shooting your shot.
Now shooting your shot is also known as sliding in the DMs, and can also be described or defined in various other ways, but what it basically means is going for whatever you want, and not waiting for it to come to you.

So.. Yep.. Shooting your shot doesn’t only talk about relationships and people starting conversations with people they like or fancy enough to be a couple with, but also going after things in general- in every ramification of life. For the purpose of this article, however, I’d be focusing on the shot shooting we are all familiar with. Theone where  boy meets girl, or Girl meets boy.

Shooting your shot is actually not rocket science or something you would not term as a piece of cake, because it infact, is that.. A piece of cake.
All you need is the singular magic ingredient…
That’s actually it.. Just communicate.

Shot shooting is not ONLY EVER possible via dms on  Instagram, Twitter, and other  socials, but can also be achieved in person walk up to them. So.. You meet someone you like and you can walk up to them and shoot that shot,  darling!

Here’s five ways you can go about knocking your shot shooting conversations and communication lines out the park:

SPEAK SUBTLY – Start off with something really soft and gentle.  Do not just go at them with your intentions, or something offensive from the first words you let out.  A nice pleasantry would suffice,  or a subtle compliment too.

Next,  you can try and BE FUNNY – Here,  you can make references to a popular saying or just dish a funny ‘Did you know’ nugget, and trust me.. If they have a sense of humour,  they would take a liking to you immediately.

As the conversation goes on,  DISCUSS YOUR COMMON INTERESTS- now not everyone you shoot your shot at will have the same interests as you.  So you have to be open to finding out you both share nothing in common.   But in the amazing chance that you have so much in common,  do not hesitate to go all in and express how elated you are that you share something special things.. You could even get busy and itemize them that’s a fun way of going about it.

ASK QUESTIONS-This is a dicey one,  because you don’t want to be too inquisitive,  or come across as intrusive. So,  be diplomatic with the kind of questions you ask,  and the way you actually ask them. Do not try and get too personal yet,  so keep extremely personal questions on the low,  and push to the front burner,  compliment inducing questions,  as well as questions whose answers would have the other person raining accolades on themselves. That’s a suave way of getting to know someone better.


TALK TALK AND TALK SOME MORE – you want to talk about everything and anything. At this stage, it is already days or weeks in and you feel comfortable enough to discuss any and everything.  For some people,  they actually get to this stage Instantly,  literally only a few minutes after the first “hello” . If that’s you Honey, Biko what is the Asoebi colour 😂 😍.

So there you have it. The way you go about implementing these steps would then be the determinant of whether your shot will be a regular goal shot or a magnificently excellent slam dunk.  ☺

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