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5 Marriage Tips Every Spouse Should Learn

by ayodeji

There is no short cut or perfection to marriage because if it worked like this to marriage ‘A’ does not guarantee it would work the same way with marriage ‘B’.

We are all different people raised in different ways from different homes or environments but one thing is for sure, before marriage, there must be love, and if there is love, it will be easier to follow through with these marriage tips and learn from it:

  1. Respect your spouse:  A man’s greatest need in this world is to be respected, and the person he desires that respect from the most is his wife. The trap that we’ve all been ensnared by is that they only deserve our respect when they earn it. Yes, we want our husbands to make decisions that will ultimately garner our respect, but the truth is that your husband is a human being and as humans, we need to respect one another. And also, husbands respect your wives because she deserves to be respected the same way she respects you.
  2. Guard your heart:  Guard your heart against things and people that will try to convince you that your life or your husband is not good enough. The future still looks bright and you need to be optimistic about it and work towards achieving that goal you have both set to achieve.
  3. Forgive: No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If you make forgiveness a habit – for everything from major mistakes to little annoyances (every day, I have to forgive my husband for leaving the wet towel on the bathroom counter) – you will keep resentment from growing.
  4. Learn each other’s love language: Everyone has a love language. The way you perceive love is often different from the way your spouse perceives love. Does he like words of affirmation, or does she respond better when you give her gifts? Whatever his love language is – learn it and USE IT.
  5. Choose to love: There are times in a marriage that you may wake up and not feel in love anymore. Choose to love anyway. There are times when you may not be attracted to your husband anymore. Choose to love anyway. Marriage is a commitment. In sickness and health, in good times and in bad. Those vows are sacred. They don’t say “if you have bad times.” They say “in good times AND in bad,” implying that there WILL be bad times. It’s inevitable.

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