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5 Tips For Planning A Perfect Wedding Proposal That Would Sweep Her Off Her Feet

by ayodeji


You are so in love with her. Heaven knows you can practically give up everything for her. You feel so empty without her, you feel so lonely without her being around you. And the good thing is that she feels just the same as you do.

A thought has been pricking your mind of late and you know it.. that thought of ( I want to spend the rest of my life with you). You thinking of popping out the ultimate question that would define your future, that would make you have a meaning of existing. Will You Marry Me?

As simple as that four word is, it could make one shiver, it could make one sweat profusely.. tension, anxiety and all because even the most romantic guy on earth would stammer on asking that question.

But hey, she is yours and you are hers. so do not think too deep on this. All you just need to do is set the mood right, set the stage rocking, and here are tips for setting the mood right either you want to make it a public or private proposal:

  1. Have the preside location you want to take her to. It could be where you first met her, where you first shared your first kiss or where you first said I LOVE YOU. Just make sure that location has a preference.
  2. Yes, you can go a step higher by having her friends and families be around. You can target when there is a family get-to-together or you can just arrange for that to happen.
  3. If there is a special music you both like, you can play the music while you do the slow dance till you fall on one knee and make that special proposal.
  4. If you previously talked to her parents — which is quite proper and gallant of you — let her see that moment as well. You don’t need fancy editing or a soundtrack, although you could design the video that way if you wish! She’ll love being privy to such a meaningful gesture and seeing how respectful you are of her parents (not to mention seeing how excited they are that their daughter is getting married!).
  5. Make sure you hire a professional photographer to capture every moment of the scene.


When you want to make that proposal, try and speak from your heart. Hey!!! No cramming of romantic words, do not try to impress with words and start stuttering all because you forgot a phrase or sentence. Instead, speak from your heart, let your heart do the talking, let it flow from within, and let it out slowly. You could get emotional if you want, it is allowed. And lastly if she is not the public display type, please do not try to embarrass her by going public.

We wish you a happy proposal with a big YES.


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