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5 Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship/Marriage.

by ayodeji


Being in a relationship or getting married is one thing, sustaining the relationship and keeping it alive is another thing. I mean, lets face it. How often do you tell your wife you love her? How often do you share your innermost feelings to her? Often time, we tend to let our guards down because we feel after all she is your wife or your future partner already. so why bother? but the truth of the matter is, there should be no room for assumption. Always tell your partner what you feel or how you feel and do not assume he/she should know. You have to say it and let your partner know.

Talking about how to keep your relationship/marriage alive, I’ll mention just 5 important tips that should help you build and maintain a sweet relationship with your partner.

  1. Make time for your relationship/marriage: Try as much as possible to make time for your partner week after week. For couples, having a standing date night is not a bad idea. Even if you have kids or work week in week out, that shouldn’t stop you. Communicate to your kids (if married), friends, everyone, that this night is specially reserved for you and your partner. Keep the date every week and make it your priority, no matter what comes up.
  2. Have fun and do pleasurable things together: sharing and doing pleasurable things with your spouse fosters intimacy. A relationship is all about intimacy. Learn to share jokes, meals, funny movies, play times together – including outdoor activities. What matters most is that the activity is pleasurable and fun to you two.
  3. Resolve conflicts as soon as possible: I quite agree with you that it could be somewhat difficult to say sorry during a heated argument with your partner but then, try to resolve it as quickly as possible. However, it is easier to go your separate corners after having a fight but you have to know that when conflicts lingers or stays unresolved, it fosters long term hurt and resentment. It’s OK for you to disagree with your partner but it’s extremely important to find a solution quickly. I mean, as quickly as possible.
  4. Keep the Romance fire burning: In most relationships/marriage, romance isn’t an automatic occurrence. Due to our daily activities, time constraints and everyday pressures creates a tendency that robs us of spontaneity. In order to overcome this natural hurdle, romance must be consciously created. Remember, what keeps your relationship fresh and exciting is romance. It keeps the two of you close and makes the bond stronger.
  5. Constant communication: The key to a successful relationship/marriage is “Communication”. You don’t have to be far from each other before you consider communication skills to be essential in your relationship/marriage. When your spouse/partner is away at work, do check up on him/her. A simple phone call would definitely put a smile on his/her face. You can call to ask if he/she has had breakfast/lunch – whatever the scenario might be, always try to build that communication platform. It creates a strong bond and makes you both happy.
    In summary, Learn to tolerate. Try and understand your partner and don’t forget to resolve conflicts quickly. Implement the above tips and you’ll certainly enjoy your relationship/marriage.

Please feel free to share other tips that can be of great help in strengthening marriages and relationships.

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