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5 Tips And Tricks For Mapping Out Your Guests List For Your Wedding Day

by Beatrice Inim

Getting your wedding guests list set up may sometimes be such a chore. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Here are easy steps to picking out who attends your wedding,  and who does not.

First,  you have to be extremely realistic. Realistically,  not everyone needs to be on that list. So,  don’t get all sentimental or go on an unnecessary  long list making spree. As much as you’d love to invite everyone,  realistically you actually cannot. Consequently, realistically,  persons you haven’t been on active consistent speaking terms with for the past 6 months to several Years have no business being on that list.. Another category of people that have no business being on your wedding guests list,  is persons that you know in your heart of hearts,  you shouldn’t,  or do not want to invite,  but you do it to fulfil all righteousness’. For example,  you want to invite Shelly and her husband, not because you really want them there,  but  because they invited you to theirs own wedding. You also want to invite Samantha because she helped you out one time you were in dire need,  but you are not that close and you really do not want her at your wedding.  Honey.. If all these sentiments are coming up, what you most likely should be doing,  is actually not inviting them,  or crossing them off the list if you already scribbled them on.

Now that realistic decisions have been made,  you want to split those realistic names into another list I would term  ‘the preferential list’.  So you want to scale the names in your guests list from the most important people like family,  close friends,  and bridal party,  who totally without question,  have to be present at the wedding, to people you may not even notice if they got invited. Again,  no sentiments.  So arrange names according to your scale of preference, as this will give you more clarity as to who else to add to the list,  and names to certainly cut off from the list.

The third thing to do will be to make sure the invitation cards,  after putting together your guests list,  also has an RSVP card,  or embedded in it,  a sentence that’s asks for guests to RSVP for the wedding.

RSVP is a French acronym that fully reads ‘respondez Si vous plait’. This means in English,  please respond.  So,  with this,  you know for sure,  the guests that will make it to the wedding,  and those who wouldn’t,  even after being invited.  With the RSVP list,  you can then put together a final Guests list.  Easy peasy,  ey?

You bet!

These three tips, if well followed, promise to be effective ways of making sure your guests list is filled with persons you with all genuineness,  and excitement,  want to see at your wedding.

And oh before I forget there’s a bonus but very simple tip.
Do not make last minute additions to the list.  If they didn’t make it to the list when realistic decisions were being made,  to when the preferential list was curated to finally,  when the RSVP lists were sent back in,  then they most likely were meant to be left out.  I hope i don’t sound too mean. ☺ But hey.. It is what it is!

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