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5 Unique Wedding Trends To Consider In 2018

by WDN

Huge events like weddings require a lot of effort to pull off properly. When that happens, the memories stand out forever! There are some trends that a lot of weddings are following these days, with amazing results.

You may not want to jump on any old bandwagon, but the great thing about these trends is that you can personalize them to suit your desires. We’ll show you some examples so you can decide for yourself.

Photo Booths With Props Are Back Again
No wedding is complete without pictures of some sort. You’re probably already hiring photographers and rallying your friends for clicks of the whole event. From start to finish, your wedding needs to be documented in full, including your wedding dresses, bridal gowns, wedding gowns from Azazie.

A photo booth is an excellent way to get gorgeous snaps of every guest at the party! Have a gorgeous backdrop, ask everyone to strike their best poses, and capture those memories for a lifetime.

You can get in some lovely props that will allow everyone to get loose and creative. Old-style closed booths and open ones are both excellent options.

Comfort Food Is The New Preference
No matter how formal the wedding is, people are now finally waking up to the fact that everyone needs healthy food which is also convenient enough to eat in front of the other guests. Say goodbye to the finger foods and strange catered dishes; home-cooked comfort food is the best wedding trend this season.

It’s best to go for some varieties of pasta, sliders, or even a DIY taco bar to have a fun and fulfilling feast. The couple can even use their menu to honor their family recipes. With all that wonderful fuel inside them, everyone is sure to have a lot more fun and make this wedding the one to remember.

After-Parties Complete The Wedding

While the official wedding party may be full of people you don’t know, you still have an option to share the wonderful moments with your close friends. An after-party is an excellent way to just have a few close friends over for some real memory-making.

Plan the after-party at any house that’s big enough, or rent out a smaller location nearby. You can then get some energetic entertainment and keep the fun going throughout the night. The gift-opening may also be reserved for this occasion.
Make it perfect by choosing the best wedding gift registry so your friends don’t have to worry about choosing a wedding gift you’re sure to adore.

Hashtags Create Lasting Memories
Start using your wedding hashtag way before the actual event so that it gets a respectable amount of followers online. The digital age simply demands some online presence to make any party or occasion relevant.

If you’re a bit of a social media influencer, you’d definitely want to share your special day with them. If not, your friends and family in distant locations would certainly love to see all your updates even if they can’t be there.

So come up with a unique hashtag, get a customized Snapchat geofilter, and see what happens when you up your social game with your wedding!

Don’t just start on the actual day of the wedding, though. Go beyond this by capturing your rehearsals, bridal shopping, bachelor or bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and every other Instagram-worthy chance.

Greenery Is Another Name For Glam
Having everything glamorous and synthetic isn’t the only trend anymore, and with several good reasons. The greenery looks lovely in the wedding photos; gives a healthy and gorgeous effect to any party; and is simply a natural way of beautifying even the simplest of weddings.

Many couples are now requesting some sort of greenery in their events. Even bridal bouquets now have some leaves to enhance the loveliness of the flowers. You may also get some eucalyptus leaves with candles (preferably flameless) and flowers as a centerpiece for every table.

Greenery will get you that bohemian look without the risk of tackiness. Besides, you’ll get variation, texture, and height without having to break the bank.

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