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6 Ideas for The Perfect Summer Wedding In Rome

by WDN

It will be safe to say that Italy is the dreamiest country in the world and probably one of the preferred
choices for a destination wedding. The planning for any big event such as a wedding can be decidedly a
stressful time, especially when you are having your wedding in Rome, Italy.

Having your ceremony in Italy is exciting as well as nerve-wracking. The cultural differences and expectations can make things even more difficult to plan out.

Everyone dreams of having their wedding ceremony in the eternal city. For this, they spend a significant
amount of money. However, there are a lot of things you need to put under consideration and to plan
out the best wedding, you will think of creative ideas.

It may be a little daunting task but do not worry!
We’ve got you covered. This article is intended to take you through the best ideas for having the perfect
summer wedding in Rome. To learn about them, make sure to check out this article till the end!

1. Celebrate During the Evening
Most couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in the summertime. However, summer in Italy
can be hot as hell, and if you plan to celebrate at day time it can literally make your wedding day
uncomfortable. Therefore, to have a perfect summer wedding it comes highly recommended to plan
your celebrations around 6 pm. With an evening reception, you are making sure that you and your
guests are comfortable and enjoying at their fullest.

2. Decorate Your Wedding Location with Candles
Since the best time to celebrate in Rome is to have your reception in the evening, you’ll need to make
sure that the lighting is appropriate as well as beautiful. For this, what could be a better way other than
decorating the location with candles? Trust me! It will look perfect and dreamy. Moreover, you’ll need
wedding planners to plan out the whole event for you. If you are already finding one, then hold on right
there, and visit https://www.dolcevitaweddings.com/ to learn more.

3. Seaside Wedding
Summer and seaside wedding sounds like a perfect match. If you are hunting for an ideal location, then
choosing seaside hotels would be a perfect choice. One such location comes highly recommended which
is just an hour away from Rome called an ancient Roman villa. You and your guests would be more than
happy to celebrate in such a pretty location, allowing you to have your wedding in style.
4. Use Traditional Background Music

When in Rome you should do what Romans do! Forget about any other music and play traditional music
to Groove on. Playing roman music as a background gives more of a native touch, and you do not want
to miss out on having a traditional experience.

5. Display Cultural Dance
When we are talking about the culture and tradition of Rome, its dance has to be one of the main
elements of Italian culture. You can either prepare one yourself or hiring professional dancers would be
even better.

6. Italian Cuisine
Italy and its food are famous worldwide. You need to make sure that you are opting for authentic Italian
cuisine. If you are hiring a wedding planner in Rome, then they will provide you with a lot of options to
choose from. Select the most famous and authentic Italian food. It will satisfy you and make your guests happy too.

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