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60 Years Later Couple Got the Wedding Photos They Never Had & They’re Look Super Amazing

by WDN

A Brazillian couple who have been married for 60 years had a mini-wedding and a wedding shoot of their dream.

Read what the official wedding photographer says about the wedding shoot…
It was 1957 when they started writing this story. His grandfather made the yard, the aunt made the cake, the godmother sewed the dress. It was the day of the wedding of the Rosary and the Russian boy. The family gathered to celebrate. In their hearts FAITH to build a good life together. They had no idea that they would be parents and 9 children, 16 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren and that they would be seeing all these 60 years later. Everything kept in the memory, however … they had no photo to show.

Thus, suppliers from the interior of São Paulo gathered to offer the couple a record to illustrate this chapter. A mini-wedding prepared with the excellence and complicity of all those involved in HOPE to draw a rescue from the moment it all began and this achievement deserved sensitive and emotional hands that know the value of that moment and participate with a commitment of the YES of so many couples who choose to start.

MARRIAGE!!! Deep and genuine exercise of LOVE.
CELEBRATION!!! Celebrate the triumph of assuming and nurturing a relationship. A unique moment that keeps vibrating and is stored in our happy memory box and when remembered and visualized makes the heart sigh.

Watch the beautiful video below!

The Wedding Vendors

Celebrant: @pais_em_paz
Location: @chacaraterraprometida
Photography and Filming: @saopaulofotografia
Beauty: @corealmaoficial
Dona Rosa Dress: @rcamposatelier
Russian Costume: @villaroma.limeira
Decoration: @vai.peralta
Bouquet: @grabarriviera

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