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7 Facts You Should Never Share on a First Date

by WDN

It may seem strange enough, but a first date plays a very important role (especially for women). Very often, a man can make a foolish and reckless mistake on a first date with a woman he likes. A man can say something wrong to an unfamiliar girl that can fundamentally change her attitude and the impression of him in general. And this is not because a man is stupid or does it intentionally, but because he is very worried. Well, the result of such a meeting is deplorable for a man – a girl frightens and disappears. Therefore, here is how to strike up a dialogue with a woman and remain interesting for her.
In fact, there is nothing supernatural. There are just forbidden topics, which can’t be discussed on a first date with a girl you like.

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1. Negative emotions

Let’s try to be optimistic at least this evening. A cheerful and positive conversation will cheer you both up. And this is what you need for an excellent date.

2. Sex

This is one of the things not to talk about on a first date. For example, if you tell a girl about positions you like during sex, it will be strange! Don’t hurry. Forget about what you read in men’s magazines. A girl may think that you are a not serious and insecure man or a pervert. Don’t try to look like a sexy man and start a conversation about sex, because, most likely, you will not see this girl after such topics.

3. Stories from your everyday life

You may be surprised, but there is nothing interesting in most things that you do during a day (at least for a woman with whom you are not in a close relationship yet). In order to have fun over everyday things, you need to know each other well. Also, such topics as TV programs, films, and the like should be avoided

4. Sport

If you have grown up in a cave and have just come out, here is the axiom of the modern world: most women don’t like sports as much as men do. Maybe your new girlfriend is one of them and she doesn’t share your enthusiasm of talking about football or hockey. And she will not consider your smart because you know the results of all sports matches.

5. Stories about unsuccessful travel

You have to tell really exciting stories, otherwise, it will be boring. Believe me, such stories as “I was late on the bus in a Rome”, or “I got into the turbulence”, or “I couldn’t get the toilet for two hours” are not exciting. Thus, you lose time and the opportunity to start your love story with a positive note.

6. Ex-girlfriends

What not to talk about on a first date? Of course, about ex-girlfriends! Don’t even think about mentioning your exes in conversation. This is important for many reasons. And don’t ask about ex-lovers. It’s not your business. And if she begins to ask you such questions (women like to learn details from men), then just tell her gently and tactfully that you are not yet ready to answer these questions. She doesn’t need to know who was before her and why you broke up. You came on a date with a woman and should enchant her and bring joy, and not scare and complain.

7. Money

Of course, you understand that most girls like men who ride Lamborghini, wear watches from Patek Philippe and are kings of their life. But your girls may not like the talk about money on a first date. If you like a girl and want to invite her to a second/third date, don’t step on the slippery path of discussing your material status.
If you want to meet her for the second time, you don’t have to end a date when you have nothing to talk about, and you are both tired. Try to finish the meeting before it. For example, say that you are waiting for friends, or think of any other plausible reason. Of course, this shouldn’t be done in half an hour, otherwise, a girl may seem that you are not interested in her and just try to run away.

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