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7 Signs You Have Got Yourself A Keeper

by ayodeji


You get to meet different people in life, and you may get to date different guys in life- good ones, bad ones. If you happen to meet  a man who respects your privacy and independence (among other things), don’t let him go. Here are more signs that your guy is worth keeping.

  1. He does not just hear you out, but actually listens: It may seem like a small thing, but you’d be surprised at how some men find it hard do this for the women in their lives.  However, as Dr. Leahy states, “Real men share power, real men are partners, real men know that real women need real respect.” So if your guy actually listens to you and keeps an open mind, congratulaions on having a keeper.
  2. He is genuinely interested in everything about you: It could be about the little things, such as how your day went at work, to the big ones, like your passions and dreams. He’s sincerely interested when you tell him about your plans for the future and, going back to number one, he really listens to you when you do so.
  3. He understands your mood swings:  He knows what he should do to make you feel better. Before you even tell him about your bad day, he’s already having pizza delivered and readying your favorite rom-com movie.
  4. He is consistent with his words and actions: While it’s true that people change from time to time, you would want a partner who’s dependable. He should be a man who stays true to his word; his love, as demonstrated by his actions towards you, must be unwavering—you don’t want to invest your feelings in a person who’s not reliable.
  5. He respects your privacy and independence: It’s important that a couple spend their alone time seperately, so they won’t depend on each other too much. Being in a relationship doesn’t require you two to be attached to the hip. You can live each other’s  life to the fullest and enjoy it together as a couple.
  6. He does not judge you: but he doesn’t let your mistakes slide, too. He knows how and when to tell you when you’ve done something wrong. When you’re in a serious relationship, it’s only right that you mold your partner to be the best person they could be.
  7. He knows his responsibilities: There’s nothing more appealing than a man who’s mature and responsible—he knows what he wants and has a concrete plan on how to achieve them. If your man has the drive to be successful, then you’ve got yourself a keeper! You don’t want to babysit a 30-something man who can’t even pay his bills on time, right?

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