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7 Things A Man Really Wants In A Relationship

by ayodeji


Relationship matters may be sometimes complicated especially when it gets to a particular stage– stage when you feel how else can I make my guy happy? or what does my guy really want me to do?

They say human wants are insatiable- that you can never really satisfy anyone in life; but, in as much as that is true, there are still certain things a guy wants in his relationship that can definitely lead him on.

  1. Adaptive: Every man wants their relationship to be adaptive. No matter what you’re going through whether it be a tough time or a good time, men need to know that their relationship has the power to withstand the best and worst of times. Knowing that their relationship can conquer all, will give them the confidence boost they need to keep on keeping on.
  2. Trust: Men do not want to be with a woman that constantly overlooks her man’s footsteps. If he’s going out with the guys, a man needs to know that his partner will be able to trust his judgment. If he says he doesn’t know, then he needs someone to believe him. No one wants to have a relationship where there is no trust.
  3. Independence: Real men want a woman who inspires them to be a better man and she does that by living her own life. Men want a woman who’s independent and self-sufficient.
  4. Equality: A man wants each person in the relationship to be equal. No one wants to feel like they are doing all of the work or not carrying their weight. Men want to feel like they’re part of a team.
  5. Acceptance: Men need to know and feel like no matter what happens that their woman will love them unconditionally. They don’t want a woman to change, not that they won’t compromise, but they don’t want to be someone’s puppet.
  6. Communication: Men are not mind readers and want a relationship that involves direct communication. If their partner wants something – they want the other to speak up. An open line of communication will help a relationship prosper.
  7. Seperate lives: While it may sound harsh at first, men want to have their own friends, activities and passions. It’s important, to them, that each person have their own identities and be supportive of each other. Men believe that a relationship is suppose to bring out the best of a person, not suffocate them into being someone else.



Source: beliefnet.com

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