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8 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue

by WDN

When planning your dream wedding, choosing a venue can be overwhelming. There are so many places offering lush green gardens and the experience you have had in mind for a long time. For some couples, they usually have that figured out, but in case you are having a hard time making that decision, here are a few factors to help you pick out the perfect site:

The general location

Where will most of your guests be coming from? This is an important factor as most guests will likely disagree with the idea of making long, expensive trips to your wedding. If most of them will come from far, have it close to an airport or tarmac road. In addition to that, ensure that you select a venue with friendly accommodation for them to spend overnight, or have a place close by. You can also have transportation to the closest bus station and airport. If your wedding ceremony and reception will be in different areas, try to keep them as close as possible.


Expenditure is another crucial factor. Most wedding venues have websites and customer service numbers that you can use to predetermine their charges. Avoid making visits to expensive places as you will only feel discouraged and end up wasting time. Instead, focus on the venues that you can afford and make the most out of their services.


If you have a specific date, like say Valentine’s day for your occasion, it might take a while to get a venue to accommodate you. Many venues are usually booked for many years in advance. Check out the venue websites for an online calendar where you can check your reserved date and time, or email them your request. As soon as you find a venue whose free date suits you, book it immediately to ensure that nobody scoops it before you.


Ensure that the venue will have ample and secure parking space to ensure your guests won’t have any parking hassles; also, request for a map to show them their reserved parking areas. If your dream venue does not have enough parking, suggest carpooling in the invites, or offer shuttles to ferry guests to the wedding venue.

Number of guests

Choose a venue that will accommodate all your guests. If it’s too big, the event will not be as intimate, and if it’s too small, your guests will be cramped and uncomfortable. Before selecting your venue, approximate how many guests will come.


You need to determine whether your chosen venue has an in-house catering service for your needs. If they do, you can have them show you their menu options to suit your idea and guests. Ensure that there are options for all diets; vegetarians, gluten intolerant, diabetics and that four-course meal or snacks you have in mind.

Tents, chairs and other decorations

Does your venue provide these essentials, and at what price? Be sure to ask about all these to avoid rude surprises later. Most places will provide these, including lights, linen, and cutlery but often at an added cost.


No one wants rain in their garden setting, but you need to consider that possibility. Enquire on the backup options they offer for wet or even sweltering weather. Most venues have beautiful wedding halls that you can use, but you may have to come up with an ingenious plan by yourself.


If you have a dream venue that you really do not want to compromise, schedule your nuptials on off-peak seasons, like early November and December, and March. You might find that the venue is cheaper and has no competition. Also, do not forget the photo shoot venue.



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