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8 Tips To Stay Diet Fit When Out With Friends

by Toyosi Aromire

Friends having dinner together

Most time for some of us that are diet conscious or believe in eating  clean have problem with eating out with friends. this is because you don’t want to break your clean diet which i find lovely and truthful. Atleast you are sticking to your rule of eating clean. Well i have gathered 5 tips to help you eat clean even when you have to stay out with friends. I hope you like it

Research the Menu in Advance:

In these situations, your best bet is to do some research. When you find out where you’ll be heading, check out a menu online to get a sense of what you’re working with. This helps ease anxiety because most of the time, you’ll find that there actually is something healthful you can chow on. If there isn’t a menu online, call ahead and ask the staff if they have any plant-based solutions.

Have a Taste:

Having a cute little taste of a calorie-rich meal never hurt anybody. Go ahead and have a bite—if you are inclined—but try to leave it at that. Studies suggest that we get the same satisfaction from one small portion as we would from a whole plate.

Don’t keep water out of site:

When you’re trying to keep it healthy while eating out, water is your BFF. A milkshake, soda, or juice can quickly add up in calories and sugar. Always say it’s better to eat your calories than drinking them—unless we’re talking about a balanced green smoothie or a bowl of vegetable rich soup. Then, by all means, drink away. Whatever the case may be, try to keep those drinks as close to H20 as you can.

Red wine won’t be bad:

In this case, try to choose drinks that contain less calories and sugar or fresh blended fruit and vegetables as part of the base.  Red wine is also a great option. Steer clear of creamy milk-based alcoholic drinks.

Most Importantly HAVE FUN:

Regardless of the menu and what you choose to order and/or eat, fun should be had. While eating healthy is great, there will always be some things out of your control. Remember that if you do go a little overboard at dinner, you can always take your workout up a notch the next day to balance it out.

I hope this post will be helpful…..


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