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9 Ways To Increase The Fun In Your Marriage

by ayodeji

Before we talk about increasing the fun in a marriage, we need to understand what marriage is. what is marriage? Psychologytoday explains marriage has the process by which two people ( male and female) make their relationship public, official, and permanent.

Of course, over the course of your relationship with your spouse, a lot happens- personalities change, body ages,and romantic love waxes and wanes.

What enables a couple to endure or manage the stage, is how they handle the issue. Boredom is a no go area as it worsens the situation. So how do you make sure your home lively? here are ways by which you can increase the fun in your marriage:

Prioritize your marriage- If you want to have fun in your marriage, you have to make your marriage a priority in your life; above your hobbies, work and even your children. All of us would say that our marriage is a priority, but do we practice what we say we believe? Our marriage should take precedence over every other human relationship and every other activity.

Schedule time for fun – We should schedule a time to simply enjoy life with our spouse. Everyone I know is busy, but we should make sure our schedule never gets so crowded that we cannot enjoy time with the love of our life.

Let worry go – Struggles will never completely disappear, so we should learn how to balance the need for control in our lives and the desire to live at peace and trust God through the hard times of life. It is important that we not allow struggles that come into the marriage to tear the marriage apart, but instead we should let our trials draw us closer to each other.

Expect surprises – Stuff happens! We know that; we see bad things happen every day, but for some reason we are caught off guard when they happen to us. We should not be surprised when our marriage needs a little extra help because of the struggles of life.

Celebrate along the way – I have been told that it takes three or four positive life occurrences to offset every negative. If this is true then each of us needs to look for opportunities to celebrate the good things of life. When times are especially stressful,

Enjoy each other’s interests – It’s okay to have outside interests, but one of the goals of marriage is to enjoy life together. That usually involves enjoying each other’s activities together.

Little things matter – Moments in a marriage that may seem to be minor details have the potential for major impact on the marriage relationship. It is important to handle little issues or conflict before they become big things. If a husband and wife have a minor disagreement it can easily escalate into a major division in the relationship if left unattended. Keep the relationship fresh and free from minor drama.

Laugh at life – The older we get the less we laugh. Laughter is good for our health and laughing together builds stronger relationships. Couples need to learn to laugh through life together.

Dream together – When couples are dating they seem to have fun discussing their future plans. Once we get married we tend to lose the art of dreaming. Dreaming inspires and encourages the heart. Dreaming together as a couple keeps the relationship fueled with new passions and desires.

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