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A Poem of Love: In Her Eyes!

by Mo Aremu


In her eyes….

Look into those eyes and you will find








Will to survive

Look into her eyes, can’t you tell…

She does not want a divorce

She does not want to get hurt

She does not want to live without you

She wants to be faithful

She wants to grow old with you

She loves you

Look into her eyes, can’t you see….

She is human

She can only take so much

She is tired but she is trying

She wants to stay but she can no longer bear it

Look into her eyes…..

If only you would try harder

If only you would stay faithful

If only you would listen a little longer

If only you would hold her in your arms

If only you would say ‘I am sorry’

In life if only we could look into the eyes of the people we love so dearly, if only we could see the hurt that we have caused them.

Love conquers all, look into those eyes and do the right thing!

Written by Mo Aremu

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