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A Unique Love Story : BJSax and Modupe’s Romantic Pre-Wedding Pictures

by WDN

Brace yourself for spectacular views and super cool style in this engagement session!

Beejaysax Bolaji-BJ and Modupeoluwa enlisted the talented Jide Odukoya Photography to capture their epic day, where they danced, snuggled and cuddled.

Modupeoluwa shared their love story, read below:

Very clearly ….so clearly I can remember how all this started …to think “sour” could turn to something sooo sweet is amazing…. #ItAllStartedFromSheDoesntSayHello ?? #ShesAsNub ??‍♀️??‍♀️#NaByForce ??….#ThankGodIDintDoThatForTooLong ??‍♀️…..The way you pay soo much attention to my matter is breathtaking …to how I use to crawl away so no one knows we are a team or had any string connected to you ….to the last day in the 9th month of that year when I decided to place a call through #SoHeKnowsAmNotASnubO! ? ….just to send wishes and wooza ….⚡️ ⚡️ pierced through ??…. From a less than one minute call it became 5 mins to 1hr to constant chats to constant video calls to giggling like a freak when am on my phone to “Love said blah blah blah” to “Modupe mi owon did you know …..” wooooooow…..God is good….God bless you Abolaji David “Sugar Daddy” “H•R•M” “LOVE” “Bee” “MrAmazing” “Woli” Banjoko …you have been extremely amazing…I can say it over and over and over again, sincerely you make Loving too easy and exemplary ….your model is one to follow……I trust Jehova to Sail us through this path …I Trust Him To reveal All of His Glory In Our Lives?? #WeAreReady …. #TheBanjokos17 #YouMakeLovingEasy #I’mTryingNotToBeEmotional yaaaaaay ??

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