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Abies And Henry: You Are My Soulmate, I Will Always Love You

by WDN

According to a singer people fall in love in mysterious ways. It is absolutely true for this love struck couple their meeting may seem like it wasn’t planned but it sure was predestined by God.

Hope we all remembered their pre-wedding photo shoot, it was amazing. So, our expectation for their big day wasn’t cut short as they brought out their style A game to play once more as they got married in a grand style.

Abies and Henry have finally tied the knot which marks the beginning of their together forever journey of love. For their big day, it was all glam and classy as the duo step out in style to celebrate their union together with friends and family who also stepped out in their various stylish outfits to grace their wedding.

See more photos and their love story below.

Someone once said that love is what happens when you are busy making other plans and such is the story of how I met the love of my life.
I went on vacation and was having a swell time after a pretty stressful working cycle, I had all the time during that beautiful autumn to check up on friends via social media but totally oblivious of someone on the other side of the Atlantic celebrating her birthday.
So a friend’s update popped up and got me startled; that shock that makes your knee weak and your eyes almost jumping out of its sockets. In the midst of that flurry of emotions the young man was able to comport himself to ask the right questions which resulted in a BBM PIN and a telephone number.
I got back home rushed over to Abuja and discovered that the picture I saw was a total underestimation of this gorgeous, confident, resourceful and absolutely stunning damsel that now owns my heart.
If I felt meeting her was inundating getting to know her was mind blowing! And every day that passes by reveals a part of her that keeps making me want more.

I got a call from this dude that told me he saw my picture on a friends BBM profile, I harassed him and asked him if that’s how he goes calling every girl he sees on a friend’s social media profile. Confused and stunned that someone that you haven’t met could harass you like that he just took it calmly and was pretty matured about it.
After a couple of weeks, he came around and I had a paradigm shift. It has been a tale of absolute bliss afterwards. I didn’t see this love story coming but it is indeed a dream come true.
This is our story and it is a sweet euphony to our soul.



















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