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When Accountants Fall in Love! Lolade and Taiwo’s Love Story is Absolutely Romantic

by WDN

Lolade and Taiwo were in the same department, the same Uni, studying the same course, but their path didn’t cross until a few years later.

They were literally in different classes but when Taiwo took a gap year, that changed everything. Lolade happened to be sitting in front of Taiwo this fateful day when their lives took a romantic turn. It was a day they had both prayed for and it happened by sitting just a few miles apart in the same class.

We promise you, you’d love the couple’s love story. Scroll down, relax, and enjoy #LTLove18 moments perfectly captured by Enitan Photography.

The Couple’s Love Story

How We Met


We met during her 3rd year at university. she was a year below me. We studied the same accountancy course but our paths had never crossed. Until the day we met, we were perfect strangers.

She wasn’t in the clubs or the house parties, or the big social networking events. Same uni but she was in another world to me

I took a Gap year and when I returned for my final year, my beautiful wife-to-be was literally sat down in front of me, in the same class, looking all fleeky with her hair done, nails everything did

She gave me that colgate smile and the rest was history.

Our friendship grew from there and I am blessed to have met her at the time I did.

The Sweet Proposal


We planned a holiday to Morocco with another couple we are really close friends with.

On the way to the airport, our friends were carrying a big suitcase which was quite odd considering we were only going for 5 days. I asked them questions on why they were carrying such a big bag and of course they had prepped themselves beforehand for the questions. They reassured me and I left it as that.

Little did I know the suitcase was holding a beautiful painting of Taiwo and I.

We planned a night out at a private bar on the day we arrived. As me and Taiwo were heading to the reception to meet our friends he started to act a bit strange and nervous for some reason. He then crouched down so I couldn’t see the ring box sticking out of his pocket.

We then got to the reception area where our friends were smiling and filming. I asked them what’s going on and that’s when I saw the big painting. I went closer to the painting and saw a big rock on my finger and that’s when I knew I was about to be future Mrs. Obisesan.

I was so shocked more than anything. I couldn’t believe what was going on. It was such a beautiful setting and very unexpected surprise… like I had no clue he was planning a proposal.

What are you looking forward to on your wedding day? 

We are looking forward to enjoying good moments with the people we love. Old friends and new, family, everyone coming together to sharing the occasion with us.

A memory we will never forget!

What advice would you give to young couples looking forward to getting married?

Don’t think too much, just do it!

The care, help, and love people show are Amazing, You will be surprised.

Just spend what you have.

If you don’t have and you want it don’t worry It will come

Pray and have Faith in God

Remember don’t think just do!

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