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You Sha Don Commot Me From Market Sha Dairis God o: Adedotun & Adedotun’s Unique and Traditional-Inspired Engagement Session

by WDN

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We love the love between Adedotun and Adedotun! Yah, they both bear the same name which makes their love story quite interesting. Their beautiful traditional and African-inspired engagement session was shot by talented and creative photographer Akintunde Opawole at a lovely location in Agege, Lagos. “We started shooting, and this couple just started acting like they were in a yoruba movie script. They made my job easier and I could really see love in their eyes. They acted like pro actors…and here is the result of that Sunday shoot that started gloomy but ended sunny for us all” says Akintunde.

We leave you to enjoy their romantic love story and unique photo session……

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Adedotun (Bride-to-be)

Ours is a very unique story in that we met on a social network, “Facebook” It just happened that I wasn’t in a relationship at that time and was believing God for one and facebook was the least place I ever thought I could meet my soulmate.

That faithful day in the month of August 2012, I got two friend request from facebook and was about to delete both because I don’t accept request from people I do not know, but then I noticed one of the 2 people that sent the request bears the same name with me, “Adedotun” and I was like, “ok, let me just accept this one” I did and then deleted the other request and that was it.

We started communicating on facebook as just friends and then very good friends, we didn’t meet for a long time because he was in the UK running a programme while I was in Nigeria, after the completion of his programme, he came back to Nigeria and we met for the 1st time after 8 months of being friends and it was like I had known him all my life, he’s God fearing, loving, he’s so patient with me and matured, he’s so caring and adorable .

The proposal came in December 2013 and here we are today….. “I call him Ademi” because he’s just a perfect definition of my dream come true!

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Adedotun (Groom-to-be)

“Don’t Say It Can’t Happen to You” That was my watch word after I met her on facebook 2 years ago.

It all happened on the 22nd day of August 2012, a very busy afternoon for me, while I worked on my dissertation dew in less than 2 weeks, I found her; my lady “IFEMI,” my Abike, my naughty pretty, caring and romantic damsel.

I am the guy with this school of thought, “seeing is believing.” That theory disappeared the moment I set my eyes on the Electronic version of my name “Adedotun” LOL!

Hmm! It was a friend request that led to all this TORY Oo!, when I populated my name on the search engine, a light skinned lady with my first name appeared. WOW! I said to myself “my namesake, a lady of my color code, and … Ehm ehm!” For some seconds, I forgot why I was on facebook and immediately sent out a friend request which was accepted in less than 3 days.

The journey commenced with “Hello” from me with a reply “Hi” from her and other discussions followed’. She soon became my speed dial, the only person I spent more than 2hours calling and chatting with everyday. We grew from Hi and Hello to “…I want to spend the rest of my life with you with a wonderful “Yes”

I love you Ifemi so dearly!!
You sha dan commot me from market hen, diaris God Oo! Thank you so much my soulmate.

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