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African Quote; check out some insightful exposititons on the significance of ‘wisdom’

by Beatrice Inim

Sometimes, we mistake being called ‘foolish’ for an insult, when in its real sense, it is not necessarily that, but simply is the opposite of being ‘wise’.

To be wise connotes a lot of things, and ultimately means to be aware of something, or have extremely good judgement, or knowledge about something. So, if one does not know how to handle certain issues, or situations in a nice, and positive-results yielding manner, then such a person may be referred to as unwise, or a fool. Period!

Wisdom is key in our day to day lives, and the African proverbs that speak on the topic, cannot be any truer. One of such quotes is ‘Wisdom is wealth’. When you are endowed with useful knowledge that help in directing whatever you do, and how you react to things, best believe you can as well call yourself wealthy. Nothing beats being able to have  a readily available think tank embedded in your mind, which you can employ in making bright choices, and which would also inform your decisions, which in the long run make you wealthy, literally and otherwise.

‘Only a wise person can solve a difficult problem’; this is another African proverb that literally states that wisdom is basically an asset, such that once you have that, you can thrive in anything that you do, as well as be able to come out strong in difficult situations. As opposed to how a foolish person would react to, or handle difficult times, wisdom helps ‘the wise person’ conquer, and manage crisis in a smart fashion, as well as equally help others out with dishing wise advice, or ideas in solving whatever difficult situation they may find themselves in. Safe to say wise people are fixers!

Take this one with you… The fool speaks, the wise man listens.. That hit home, no?

The known fact that actions speak louder than words, can also be used to explain this particular proverb. Speak less.. only a foolish person blabs on and on about anything. Wise people it, listen aptly, before they throw in their two cents, or contributions. You must have realized that in most situations, after a speech leaves your mouth, you stare for a second and think ”Hmmmm if i had held on for just a second, i could have responded better”.

Generally, wisdom truly is a valuable attribute everyone must aspire to acquire…

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