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All You Need to Know to Plan Intimate Wedding Post Lockdown by Wura Manola

by WDN

Wura Manola is out with another amazing video on how to plan an intimate and small wedding and broadcasting the beautiful moments on Zoom!

We are seeing a few weddings happen in smaller numbers and being put on Zoom for family and friends that cannot be in person due to restrictions put in place because of COVID.

Here are some excerpts from the intimate wedding tips given by the UK based Wedding Planner, Wura Manola:

  1. Make a decision: you need to sit down with your family and make a decision about having this wedding, especially if plans have been in motion for your big wedding
  2. Inform your guest: you need to let your guests know what your plans are, as they would still be wondering what is going on with your wedding
  3. Decide the format of the wedding: decide what the format of the wedding is going to be, indoor vs outdoor, how long, all the elements that go into it
  4. Put together a budget: put together a budget so you have a clear picture of how much will be spent on the wedding, also it would help understand how the wedding would look like, in addition to the format
  5. Get a wedding planner: you need a professional who can plan a safe wedding within government guidelines
  6. Decide the venue for the wedding: do you want to have the wedding in your living room or in your back garden? this would help with the decor
  7. Send out invitations: once you have all the details, send invitations to your guests, one for those attending in person and a different one for those on Zoom
  8. Choose your vendors: choose the vendors you need for the wedding, you don’t need an extensive list, choose the essential vendors like photographers, planners, decor, makeup, and hair, etc
  9. Get your outfits: you can decide to get an actual wedding dress or an alternate wedding dress
  10. Get the necessary tech gear: get all the tech you would need like a laptop, wi-fi, tripod, lights, etc Bonus: Get a host: get someone to man the Zoom meeting in case anyone had any questions or for any technical assistance

Watch the video below:

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