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Amazing Effects! Here are 15 Opulent Nigerian Wedding Moments We Love

by Adedayo Oyegunle

Nigerian Weddings are full of rich colours and amazing atmosphere especially of late. Couples bring jaw-dropping moments to the event’s hall.

Gone are those days of just decorating the wedding halls alone. This era has special effect been inculcated into the events. You see couples making sure their entrance to the wedding hall is grand and not just that, the dancing stage is also full of  beautiful and colourful lightenings.

Lighting is an important element in wedding decor. It not only highlights the surroundings, but also enables us to perceive colour and texture, accent or highlight area’s you would like to enhance or draw attention to, or hide flaws you would like to remain unnoticed.

You’ve spent time selecting the right venue, now use lighting and special effects to maximise its impact. Here are 15 exciting photos to help you make your choices. Be inspired!

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