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Anatomy of the sexes part I: what women want!

by Mo Aremu


Have you ever wondered why a lady u are crazy about ended up with some dude that
really doesn’t fit your stereotype of her “knight in shining armor”?
well, here it goes: she may want you. She sure doesn’t need you. but stick around
long enough, u will most likely get her… reason is simple, with women, the
difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’ is not wrapped around that “necessity
or life-death” philosophy. in a woman’s mind, the difference is just one
word. TIME.

If a woman likes something she can’t have or doesn’t “need”, no
biggie. It goes away as fast as her desire builds, but keep that thing in sight
a while longer and she is hooked… and till she gets it, she’s rabid with
‘fatal attraction’, and believe me, there’s no replacement for that ‘want’
turned ‘need’.

Number 2 and more importantly, a woman wants what she wants. If a
woman wants a fork, buy her a platinum spoon and she will love you, not because the
spoon is platinum.. to her (at that point), a spoon is a spoon. maybe u get a longer hug for all
that platinum… ok maybe with a forehead kiss… obviously after a while
(especially when her friends get wide-eyed about it), she loves you more for the
plat. Why? don’t ask me.

In summary,
1. A woman’s proclivity is born by the importunity of an opportunity
2. A woman’s necessity is defined by subjectivity of her mentality and not by
the enormity of objectivity…

but there are 3 exceptions to the rule:
1. the godly woman, reasons:
a. she’s not (or rather shouldn’t be) moved by anything but the word of God
b. her mind is steered by the Holy Spirit.

2. My woman. reasons:
a. refer to a and b above.
b. i just make her see what she wants in what she’s got… till I can get
what she really wants, lmao!!!

3. every woman that reads this. reason:
“every woman is different”
PS. note the inverted commas

Look out for part II

Written by Dr. Gbolahan Ogunbayo

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Hello.. January 17, 2014 - 6:24 am

Every woman needs a man in her life. a woman wanting a man from my view here doesn’t mean she doesn’t need you in her life. Maybe from this context, she want to be romantically close to you and with you which also depicts needing the man. i guess want is a sub group of the main body need

Name** January 17, 2014 - 6:28 am

A woman will need her man in her life in all ways and aspects of her life., and wanting however is one of the ways she needs him. SO she sure needs you in her life cause you are important in her life, if you

Name** January 17, 2014 - 6:29 am

if you must know**

vivie311 January 17, 2014 - 7:09 am

Okay You got me laughing hard. Some hard trues especially “..not because its a platinum … And “make her see what’s SH wants in what she’s got… Hehe . Any man who can discover these secrets, 10 mics!


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