Ayotola & Olawale are almost ready for their #TheNubianParadise themed wedding;These goofballs are so adorable in their pre-wedding photos! – Wedding Digest Naija
Home Pre-Wedding Photos Ayotola & Olawale are almost ready for their #TheNubianParadise themed wedding;These goofballs are so adorable in their pre-wedding photos!

Ayotola & Olawale are almost ready for their #TheNubianParadise themed wedding;These goofballs are so adorable in their pre-wedding photos!

by Beatrice Inim

These two love birds are pretty excited to be almost at the point of saying i do and going on life’s journey together.

They are so goofy and playful in their pre wedding photos, and we can tell they are joyful to have found each other.

Read their love story below; and afterwards, their awesome photos….

How We Met (By The Groom)

Ayotola and I met in the year 2000, as kids in the same church. Our Families grew close as members of same gathering so sometimes they came over as a Family to visit, sometimes we went over, We were more like family friends and overtime she and I established a close relationship from childhood.


Asides the family visits, we took it upon ourselves to reach out via Facebook regularly despite being miles apart during our University Degrees. At some point, we fell out (distance they always say is a barrier and since there was nothing binding as of then asides the friendship).


Someday in 2012, Tola was in the country and we did reconnect again. She was looking different, extremely beautiful and being someone I had known all my life, it was an advantage. Immediately, I knew I wanted to look at where it would have headed so we exchanged numbers and kick-started from there; (Best Decision you know!). After the entire lady’s usuals, madam finally agreed and we officially started dating in 2016. I popped the question on her birthday earlier in March this year and I cannot wait to send the rest of my life with my Queen with so many escapades to come. I also look forward to raising a beautiful family with her.


Brides Version

Wow! Long way we have come from and it’s been a long story but this is the shorter version. I have known Wale for 15+ years as a family friend and we visited each other a lot. I travelled for my undergraduate studies and we kept in touch via Facebook and lost communication after awhile. In 2012, I was back for NYSC. We met at the bank and we exchanged numbers, I found him interesting and was sure also of what I wanted so we officially started our relationship in 2016 and trust me it’s been filled with emotions mostly good ones and a few bad but Wale is such an amazing fellow. It’s been an opportunity to watch each other at various stages of our lives and I still can’t believe soon we will be merging two families as one. I am actually looking forward to having a purpose driven marriage filled with love and growth. I look forward to babies (lol), trips together and many more things.


The Proposal

Of course after years of friendship, getting to know Tola to the core and she fitting perfectly into the picture of the future I wanted, I knew not to waste any more time taking babygirl to the alter! It was her birthday, so I had planned a special dinner on the rooftop with an amazing view, went on my knees with my cute face, fireworks and sparklers and of course the was yes!

The Planning Process (The Couple)

This process has been fun and emotional. But we overcame the stress especially because we started on time; we have God, family, a great event planner and ourselves. We learnt a lot and we became stronger after each obstacle, which arose. Our advice would be to start early, decide on what days of the week you want to discuss the wedding plans to enable you focus on other important things as well. Most of all, pray from the first day to the last day. Use a planner, we will recommend LH Events anyday as we have been resting for the past 6 weeks having been done with the planning timeline. We are currently counting down to our big day now and looking forward to the interpretations of our wedding theme!


Vendors below

Makeup: @themorningbeauty_

Prewedding Shoot outfits: Styled by Planner

Photography: @weezy_scott

Planner: @LH_Events

Illustration: @leankid

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