Baby Sussex is so Adorable! First pictures of royal newborn as Prince Harry cradles his ‘little bundle of joy’ and Meghan gushes: ‘I have the two best guys in the world’

Meet Baby Sussex and his parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry! The world has been waiting for a glimpse of the newest member of the Royal Family, but of course we want to see the proud new parents too!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex proudly showed off their baby son to the world for the first time today as his beaming parents finally showed off their ‘own little bundle of joy’ to millions of royal fans across the globe.

The boy, who is seventh-in-line to the throne, was lovingly cradled by first-time father Harry at Windsor Castle.

The baby boy was lovingly cradled by his adoring father and watched attentively by Meghan, who was herself pictured for the first time in six weeks since withdrawing from public life ahead of the birth.

The couple appeared to be beside themselves with joy, giggling and looking into each other’s eyes as they spoke, while Harry could not resist sneaking a peek down at his son as he apparently slept.

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