Bask in this Sultry, Elegant and Eclectic Collection from Ophelia Crossland

It sometimes, is a chore, finding, or picking out the right dress appropriate for that event you would be gracing; cocktail dresses and evening dresses are mostly the most difficult to pick out for formal occasions. Brides also experience this situation, as it’s quite a tussle of thoughts and ideas to decipher if you want a fitted flowing dress or a ball gown dress..

Here is introducing a plethora of fabulous, exquisite, and of course, an extravagant line of elaborate designs and styling. This perfect match of fabric, intricate designs and patterns, as well as exquisite beading, is what Ophelia Crossland is all about. The luxury Ghanaian brand is synonymous with elegance, sultry flair, and extravagant drama.

The Ophelia Crossland brand established in 2014, has also become a household name in fast time,  in the fashion industry, making its mark as the go-to brand for elaborate designs and styling. It was a step in the right direction, when Ophelia Crossland, the creator of the brand was made the brand ambassador for Swarovski. This was the beginning of a perfect match made in fashion heaven – influencing exquisite fashion masterpieces from the collaborative forces of both brands.

Today, the Ophelia Crossland brand stands as a renowned luxury brand, whose owner is motivated by seeing clients glow in their outfits; the quest to achieve the impossible in her field of work, also drives her to do impressively well with the brand. e Ophelia Crosland brand, is also a  testament to the owner’eclectic style, attention to detail and love for designing.

” My motivation is seeing clients glow in their outfits and the quest to achieve the impossible in my field of work,” says Ophelia Okyere-Darko the CEO of Ophelia Crossland.

You can never go wrong with rocking one of the Ophelia Crossland pieces.

Do see more photos below, of the designs from this collection!



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