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Beautiful Beginning: Oyidia & Moore’s Lovely Wedding + Fascinating Love Story

by WDN

Oyidia & Moore were introduced to each other by Oyidia’s aunt. If you’re not having any luck on the dating scene, you may want to look within your extended network for true love. That’s where newlywed Oyidia found it. The man of her dreams, Moore was introduced to her by her aunt. Moore sent a request to Oyidia on Facebook, but Oyidia deliberately ignored it. Oyidia and Moore’s love is a divine one. We enjoyed reading their love story, we bet you will as well.

Thank God I Met You

The Bride

It was the month of February 2012. I had spent almost 3 months as a medical house officer (medical intern) in LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital). Nothing else mattered to me except God, my family and my career. I have a few friends too…One Sunday evening while preparing for work the next day, my ever loving Aunty Adeyemi called. We spoke for sometime then suddenly, she asked if I was in a relationship. Of course, I wasn’t in any. It was of less or no importance to me at that time. “I’m not going to force you into any. Aunty Deola has been speaking well about one chap”. I eventually learnt he was given my details (funny aunt). All I could do was laugh and say, “ok Aunty”. We continued our chitchat.


The Groom

I would go to London occasionally on business trips or call my aunty Rita who lives in London and she would say “…I have a really nice girl for you. Her aunty Deola talks very well of her just like I talk about you…”. I would blow her off typically, but this time I didn’t. When I got back to the US, my Aunty Rita sent me a text message with Oyidia’s information. I really was trying to delete the text message, but for some strange reason, I couldn’t do it.


The Request

The Bride

I got a request from Facebook a couple of weeks later I believe. Strange name, unfamiliar face, no mutual friend… “Sorry, not interested”. I deleted the request. Yet another request from this stranger about a month later. Well, I accepted. I still had the option of “unfriend” and “block” if I sensed anything funny. One faithful evening, I got a call from a strange number. My typical move was not to answer but I figured it could be my “new friend”. We spoke for a very long time about lots of relevant stuff that made so much sense. 3 hours?! After our first conversation, I concluded Moore was no stranger.

Side notes: No day went by without a word from Moore. Despite busy shifts, multiple business trips, and different time zones, we always had OUR TIME. This was more than friendship.

Dear Family, I’m In A Relationship

Finally, a call free weekend about 3 months into our relationship and I went home. I had a chitchat with my mum. I told her about Moore. I could sense some fear. “On line?! Please be careful. How did you meet him?” My response was “Friend of a friend. Mummy, don’t worry”. She was SCARED…


The Groom

Before calling Oyidia, I figured I would check her up on Facebook. I was taken aback at the fact that her Facebook profile picture was a baby. I wondered if she had a baby. If she did, I would exited the stage. I requested her on Facebook, but she took her precious time to accept my friend request. Actually, she deleted my initial request, so I sent another one. About a month later, she accepted my second request. Finally, I called her and we chatted. Instantly, we fell in love. Our conversation lasted about 3 hours and 34 minutes. At that point, we were already in a serious relationship. After I got off the phone with her, I said to myself, “could she be the one”? We found ourselves talking everyday several times a day. I think she told her parents she was in a relationship the following week.


Interesting Side Note

Two weeks after we started talking, I went to a bar in Ballard (a Seattle neighborhood) for a friend’s birthday party. When I got to the bar, there were two ladies looking at me. One was married, the other was recently divorced. The one that was married said she was a palm reader. She asked if she could read my palm and I said no. I got my Scotch served over rocks and walked away. About an hour later I see the ladies again. The married woman asked again to read my palm. Finally, I gave in without thinking much about it. She took my palm read it and told me many interesting things about my life all of which were true. The one thing she told me that made it impossible for me to sleep for the next few days was that I would meet the love of my life very soon. I didn’t tell this to Oyidia, so she doesn’t think I am some crazy guy.


In-Person for the first time!

The Bride…

Finally!: Moore had just gotten to Nigeria but I couldn’t make it to the airport to welcome him. So, I had to see him at his uncle Val’s house the next day. My shift was going to start at 2pm so, I left to see him in the morning later than we agreed to meet due to some unavoidable factors… We met and we were grinning from ear to ear. Charming inside out! Very receptive family filled with love. He asked, “Do you like what you see?”
He got me some nice books and lovely perfumes. Most importantly, I met My Friend…We had a wonderful time together. Just too short.
He came over to my place the next day. Met my brother and then it was SUYA (barbecue) galore.


Mission number 2

DADDY: I had spoken to my Uncle Yemi about Moore and of course he was willing to do the Screening exercise, before the pre-test and the pro-test…
From his Grandpa (of blessed memory)’s 100th birthday celebration, Moore went to Abuja. I told my Dad about him and that Moore was going to pay him a visit. And well, Moore knows the outcome…


The Groom

Meeting the love of my life: Being somewhat nervous and anxious, I knew Oyidia was quite shy. She shows up at my Uncle’s place where I was staying in Lagos, 2 hours later than we had discuss. She was very well worth the wait. After spending a hundreds of hours on the phone, skype, whatsapp, viber and BBM, we finally met in the flesh.


The Groom

Realizing I only had 3 weeks in Nigeria, I figured I needed to make a move and I wanted to meet her parents. Oyidia was in Lagos working on her house job at LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) at the time she was in the Children’s ER and her parents were in Abuja. Oyidia was very worried about me meeting her parents. She always wondered what we would do if they didn’t like me. I would always tell her not to worry that everyone loves me. I decided to go to Abuja on my own, without her so that I can meet them. I arrived at my Uncle’s home in Abuja that evening and had pounded yam with peppersoup for dinner. The next morning, I got a text from Uncle Yemi, saying he would like to see me at his home that evening around 6:30PM. I arrived there at 6:18PM and waiting for him to return from work. When he got home, he invited me into his home and offered me something to drink. I had some roasted cashew nuts and chased it with a bottle Guinness stout. He interviewed me and apparently, I passed. The next day, he sent me a text message at 9:14AM requesting that I visit his house at 1130AM. I proposed pushing the time to 1PM, but he didn’t budge. He insisted 11:30AM, so I agreed. Upon getting there, I met Oyidia’s mom and her brother, Amadi. About 30 minutes later, uncle Yemi shows up. Round 2 of my interview process began with her mom. During the interview, uncle Yemi mentioned that my answers sounded good however, he is unsure about me, since I am a salesman. Deep down, I knew he liked me. After the interview, she asked if I would like to come over to the house and meet Oyidia’s dad. I said sure, why not. She prayed for me and told me to come over around 6:30PM. After I left, I called Oyidia. She sounded quite happy and nervous at the same time. I told her I would be meeting her dad later that day.


Being the punctual individual that I am, I told the cab driver to pick me up from my uncle’s place at 5:45PM for the 15 minute drive. We arrived at the military residential zone (Niger Barracks Asokoro) at about 6:12PM, due to slight traffic. On the way over there, my cousin Ezie, called me and was making fun of me that they would probably lock me up in the “guard room” (Nigerian term military cell). When we got there, one of the armed guards used his gun to point out that cabs are not allowed inside and told us to park down the road. The driver parked down the road and I walked back to the gate. I called Amadi and he met me at the gate. While walking towards the house, we heard sirens, then Amadi said “that’s my dad”.


I walked into the house and greeted her mom and her guest who came with a young boy that was playing around the house. Her dad was upstairs, changing from his Naval uniform to something more comfortable and appropriate for an evening walk. Her dad came downstairs and I greeted him. He looked at me, perhaps thinking that I was bold enough to show up at the house. Her mom came out from the kitchen and said dinner was served. I said I wasn’t hungry, but I knew she wasn’t going to let that fly. Her dad, Amadi and myself sat at the dining table and I took a nice serving of the plantain porridge with smoked fish. Her mom came in and said, that is not enough. She took the serving spoon, scooped up more porridge and placed on my plate. The amount of food she piled on was enough for 2 adults. While we were eating, I was being interviewed by her dad. He asked many questions such as my educational background, family and what I did for a living. I told him I also came to Nigeria for my grandfather’s 100th birthday party. He asked me how many wives he had. I smiled and said one. I smiled because a few other people had asked the same question when I told them my dad was 100 years old. He asked if I drink and I said yes. He asked Amadi to pour me some Scotch, which I drank and had a second serving. At the end of dinner, it turned out that I had more to eat and drink than her dad and Amadi. After eating, I thanked her dad and her mom for a meal well prepared. After dinner, her mom gave us watermelon. After eating the watermelon, her dad decided that it was time for his evening walk. I thought about taking the walk with him, but refrained from asking. He already had his running shoes on and walked out. I stayed about 20 more minutes and decided to leave. While walking to the gate with Amadi, we ran in to her dad. We shook hands and he walked away. Amadi walked me to the main entrance, then I walked towards the cab and left. The next day, Amadi and I were on the same flight, a Boeing 737-800W from Abuja to Lagos on Arik Air. When we got to Lagos, Yusuf, picked us up from the airport. They dropped me off in Palmgrove, where I took a cab to Anthony, where my uncle Val lives. After putting down my bags, I hopped in another cab to go visit Oyidia at LUTH.


A few days later, August 8, 2012, it was Oyidia’s birthday. I picked up a cake, designed with a pink and purple check with “Happy Birthday Oyidia” inscribed on it from a bakery on Adeniran Ogunsanya avenue and I told Oyidia I would pick her up from work. When she got in the car, she saw the cake and smiled. I could tell she liked it. At that time I gave her a kiss and handed her birthday gift. We went over to their house in Apapa, where we celebrated her birthday with her mom, Nnanna and Amaka. Two days later, she escorted me off to the airport and I flew back to Seattle, via Atlanta on Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300ERW


When I got back to the US, I was so anxious to tell my dad that I had seen the woman I want to marry. I knew that if I told my dad that, the day after I returned from Nigeria, he would have told me to go and think about it, since I may be just too excited at the moment, so I decided I would wait until I saw him in September. In September, I went to visit my dad in Atlanta. When I arrived, I went to Kilroy’s liquor store on Old National highway in College Park, GA to buy a bottle of St Remy XO. Since he is a chief, it is customary to tell them such things with a bottle of fine cognac. I told him my plans and he said he would like to meet her. We opened the bottle of XO, he prayed for Oyidia and I, then we took several rounds.


My mom would call me and ask if I have heard from her. At first, I would tell her yes without any further details. Later on I told her that we talk every day. My mom had spent some time with Oyidia in Nigeria and really liked her. She would always say that she is well mannered and well-brought up. My mom knew I really liked her and at some point, I told her that I think I will marry Oyidia.


The Unforgettable Proposal

The Bride

There we were, seeing a late night movie together. It just stopped being interesting. We moved to enjoying each others company and got into very deep heart felt conversations about many things. Suddenly, he insisted he wanted to get some water by himself (after I offered to get it for him) from the “garage”. I thought to myself, that’s the dispenser in the kitchen. He came back with a grey box, did all he said and…. I almost hid under the couch before saying YES.


The Groom

After leaving Atlanta, I found myself going in and out of jewelry stores and jewelers calling me about engagement rings almost every day. I finally decided on a nice Vera Wang piece. The piece had a nice diamond piece in the middle, two sapphire stones, and smaller diamonds on the sides. It looked beautiful and elegant from every angle. I found out that sapphire is a symbol on eternal love, during my ring chase. When I paid for it, I walked out of the store and prayed for God’s guidance. When I got into my car and started the engine, the music playing was P Square’s “Chop my money”. I laughed, drove home and had a shot of Maker’s Mark. I was too excited to eat, so I called Oyidia. She could tell I was excited but I didn’t tell her why.

When Oyidia arrived in the US, we called all of her family members to tell them that she got in safely. When we called uncle Yemi, he told me to “..treat her like a gentleman and not a hustler..”, I said yes sir. I had planned for us to have a photo shoot and I would ask her to marry me then. A few days later, in the evening, we had just finished watching a movie, “Tears of the Sun” and we were having a really good discussion. As we sat on the couch and talked, the moment elevated to euphoria. We sat there with both of our minds open discussing any and everything. That moment I knew I could not let pass by. I decided to get up to go get the ring, but she pulled me back and said don’t go. I told her I wanted to go get water, she offered to get it for me and I refused. I tried to get up again, she pulled me back. About 30 minutes later, the conversation had gotten deeper. I believed at that moment God made it very clear to me she was the one. I got up and told her I will be right back. I came back with one hand behind my back and I told her to stand up. I got on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me. She looked at the ring and said yes. While we hugged for about 30 minutes after that, I could feel her shiver as I gave her a soft kiss. We then sat back down and talked until the following morning. Since that day, we got closer every day and I have loved her more and more as the days go by.

The next day, we called her father to tell him the news. After congratulating us, he told me that the proposal was “unofficial”. I knew what he meant








































Watch the wedding video below


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Lucy Otieno June 19, 2014 - 1:45 pm

Beautiful Love story, very fascinating. Wish you God’s blessing in your marriage.

RUth June 20, 2014 - 5:09 pm

She is such a beauty. Young and looks like one that is truly well brought up. Congrats to them.


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