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Beautiful Love Story: Eki & Okeoma’s Splendid Engagement Session Photos + Awesome Video

by WDN

1040648_832674463443079_8679310166897186925_o Eki and Okeoma share their awesome love story. They both met through a mutual friend 4 years ago and dated for about a year….their chemistry was undeniable and they quickly became friends. They started spending quality time together . Their bond only grew stronger each day and they both knew they both compliment each other. It turns out they had more in common than they ever could have imagined…from football to family life and marital goals. By 2012 they were officially a couple who were beginning their relationship on top of a beautiful foundation of love, friendship and trust. 1492663_833075986736260_3990019194274381534_o 1511669_832498586794000_2670086770093134160_o 1909433_832488700128322_1302723490908099263_o 10460840_832497856794073_3222678461090131646_o 10515121_832670483443477_1836829302722287733_o 10541425_832687370108455_5004454646587842356_o 10549244_832495290127663_452200174093004456_o 10629543_833660626677796_4238621220310717630_o 10682246_832511406792718_1558403436891203821_o 10828075_832670420110150_744109032503791349_o 10830781_832503016793557_1835066618273188673_o 10830975_832500083460517_1209605970634250344_o 10835275_833075983402927_3485067121818627210_o 10842023_832493023461223_3750679214215772568_o 10842091_833673956676463_4681231302197818492_o 10842278_832515056792353_6308555942593652541_o Watch their amazing video Philameh Pre-wedding shoot first cut from Philameah philip on Vimeo. WDN wishes Eki and Okeoma a beautiful and blessed marital journey together forever.


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In fart it’s very nyc wedding


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