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Being A Maid Of Honour! Your Duties In Details

by WDN

Today’s weekly tip will be on the wrong things Maid (‘s) of Honor do to excess! And what to do instead. Understandably, the MOH is rolling stone of every bride, she’s the motion setter, emotional life boat and the go to person for the other bridesmaids & flower girls! Certainly, to have been given this role, you are tested and trusted by the Bride! However, what I find baffling at some weddings isn’t what the Maid of Honor doesn’t do to perfect the day but how she turns simple gestures to mistakes! Say like constantly holding the Bride’s Veil while the Bride moves to meet and greet guests, one time, while the blessing was going on, a very pro-active MOH, decided to help assist the groom unveil his Bride before the audience!!! Now tell me people, doesn’t this leave room to wonder; what the heavens???


Sometimes, the MOH gets so carried away with the veil and the gown that she doesn’t remember one of her major ceremonial duty is to hold the Bride’s bouquet while the couple exchange vows and not her veil or the long ends of her gown!! The MOH forgets it’s the bride’s wedding; her veil should fall on her shoulders and except it’s raining, let the gown flow!!


The duties of the MOH starts from the day you get asked to take up the mantle. From then on, the MOH is to Listen to everything the bride says or suggests about her wedding and proffer advice. The MOH starts the pre-planning from throwing her bachelorette, assisting with wedding gown ideas, choosing wedding colors, cake, jewelry and addressing invites. .


Other duties of the MOH are to ; organize wedding rehearsals, ensure the other bridesmaids get their hair & makeup done timely and are not late for the ceremony, toast to the bride, have the brides makeup kit close by for a quick touch up, keep her laughing and smiling, toast with or after the best man (a good twist), solve as many crises that could spoil her day without calling her attention.. In all, be You, she chose you, so what’s the worst that could happen when she’s got you!!

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blessai March 28, 2014 - 5:26 pm

Dis is serious

Francis Grace March 28, 2014 - 11:26 pm

Una do well!


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