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The Best Bridal Body Tips Ever

by Funmi Attah

Here are top tips for keeping in shape when it comes to diets and shaping up for the Perfect Wedding.

When you are no longer hungry, stop eating. No lives were ever saved by cleaning the food off your plate!

Have a drink of water first if you’re feeling hungry in-between meals – it’s surprising how those food cravings are really just feeling thirsty.

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Give up sugary and high calorie drinks. It’s easy to forget that those cans of Coke can add to your daily calorie intake. Try taking green tea, it helps to burn calories and clears up the skin.

Get a gym buddy. Exercising with someone else really helps you stay motivated – plus it’s a lot more fun and interesting.

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Have a cup of tea or better still an herbal tea if you something crave for sweet after meals. This really works and helps prevent the need for sweet pleasures.

Knowledge is power and it’s amazing how much it motivates you!

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