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Best Emotional Proposal Ever! The Planner and the DJ are Getting Hitched

by WDN


They say that ‘happily ever after’ exists only in fairytales, and larger than life proposals only in movies! Well, this guy definitely went out of his way to prove everyone who believes in the above theory, that they are wrong. The guy, DJ YINKS, proposed to his lady love, Wonuola, in a way so romantic. It was an emotional moment for the lovebird and we wish them all the best.


“I really didn’t expect it this grand??? Yinka really did go all out for an introvert?.I was supposedly attending @_thephoenix_ sisters birthday dinner and shortly before I left the house, I kept saying I felt overdressed, let me tone it down by wearing slippers, she kept saying “no oh Wonu, you don’t know my sister’s friends they all will be ‘fleeking'” and so I was convinced. Was supposed to drive myself as Oga had supposedly gone for a meeting, but his brother willingly decided to drop me off and come back to get me. The whole day everyone had been nice so I was suspecting after the dinner just maybe something was coming.

We got to Intercontinental, and no one was there, trust me to start asking questions ? I was like Shade where is your sister now? She and Bibi were like they were all coming together and since we were the ‘hosts’ of the dinner we should have been early as we were. So we started taking selfies and when I was tired, I sat down. The waiter came in with a menu card for us to place orders and I was like, “hellooo, we have to wait for the celebrant” so I didn’t even bother opening it. If I did, would have probably prepared for it as I later saw a nice poem Yinka had written for me ?…. (Yinka is tooooo quiet, so if you know him you know this is him going out of his way) ?
That’s how I just looked to the door and saw my baby walking in with a saxophonist playing ‘Every night in my dreams’ Ahhh! I looked at Shade, looked back at the entrance and saw my friends walk right behind him?? God, I was shot in the heart?? and I cried silly. I always thought he was gonna go quiet!! But I did say Yes to my Lover!!
But thank God, we are here!! We are gonna turn up!!!!! #WonuYinks2016 ???❤️ To the planning committee, Thank You!!! I loved every bit of it!!! Still in Awe. You all rocked at pretending to me especially cos we speak almost everyday!! And yes, they all cried with me ?❤️❤️???















Photography: Weezy Scott

Makeup: Tutsy Matilda


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Tina Adund February 10, 2016 - 5:55 pm

Wowww am so happy for you dearie

victoria George February 11, 2016 - 3:09 pm

Congrats darling. this reminded me of mine a few months back.


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